Excel files and PowerPoint are not recognized in Office2016

Hello Andrei. In the summer of 2017, they upgraded my computer (Moscow Computer Service) and installed Windows and Office-2010 with an unclear license to me (probably a corporate one). Then I purchased a licensed one Windows 10 – everything is OK. A month ago I purchased and installed licensed Office-2016, – in general, everything is also not bad, except that if you click on the Excel files or PowerPoint these files do not open, the message 'This action is allowed only for installed products '. If you first run the corresponding program, then the same files are opened from Excel (or PP). There is no such thing with Word, files are opened if you click on them, as well as from Word, i.e. as expected. Please tell me a solution. The representative office Microsoft advises only by phone during working hours, at this time I do not have the opportunity to deal with my personal computer.

Thank you, Sergey.


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Hello Sergey! Specify, did you install licensed Office-2016 after you uninstalled previously installed (unknown) Office -2010? Or just on top of it? In the properties of the executable file, which program is to run by default? If everything is correct, then try to completely uninstall the installed Office package and then reinstall it, as recommended by yourself Microsoft.

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