Error Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime Library. How to fix?

Error - Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime Library Hello.

Not so long ago, I helped a good friend with setting up a computer: when he started any game, he had an error Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime Library … This is how the topic of this post was born: I will describe in it detailed steps to restore the operating system to work Windows and getting rid of this error.

So, let's begin.

In general, the error Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime Library can appear for many reasons and sometimes it is not so easy and quick to figure it out.

Typical Error Example Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime Library

Typical example of error Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime Library.

1) Install, update Microsoft Visual C ++

Many games and programs were written in the environment Microsoft Visual C ++. Naturally, if you do not have this package, then the games will not work. To fix this, you need to install the Microsoft Visual C ++ package (by the way, it's free).

Links to officers. website Microsoft:

Package Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010 (x86) —http: // Id = 5555

Package Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010 (x64) —http: // Id = 14632

Visual C ++ Packages for Visual Studio 2013 —http: // Id = 40784

2) Checking the game / application

The second step in eliminating errors in launching applications and games will be to check and reinstall these applications themselves. The fact is that perhaps some of the system files of the game (dll, exe files) were damaged. Moreover, both you yourself (accidentally) and, for example, 'malicious' programs could spoil: viruses, Trojans, adware, etc. Often a banal reinstallation of the game completely eliminated all errors.

3) Scanning your computer for viruses

Many users mistakenly think that since some kind of antivirus is installed, it means that they do not have any virus programs. In fact, even some adware can do some harm: slow down your computer, lead to all sorts of errors.

I recommend that you check your computer with several antiviruses, in addition to get acquainted with these materials:

– removal of adware;

– online scan of your computer for viruses;

– an article about removing viruses from a PC;

– the best antivirus programs 2016.

4) NET Framework

NET Framework is a software platform on which various programs and applications are developed. For these applications to run, you must have the required version of the NET Framework installed on your computer.

All NET Framework versions + description.

5) DirectX

The most common (according to my personal calculations) Runtime Library error is 'homemade' DirectX installations. For example, many people install the 10th version of DirectX on Windows XP (there is such a version on many sites in RuNet). But officially XP doesn't support version 10. As a result, errors begin to pour in …

I recommend uninstalling DirectX 10 through the task manager (Start / Control Panel / Add or Remove Programs), and then update DirectX using the recommended installer from Microsoft (for more details on issues with DirectX, see this article).

6) Drivers for the video card

And the last …

Be sure to check the drivers for the video card, even if no errors were observed before.

1) I recommend checking your manufacturer's official website and downloading the latest driver.

2) Then remove completely old drivers from the OS, and install new ones.

3) Try again to launch the 'problem' game / application.


– how to remove the driver;

– search and update drivers.


1) Some users have noticed one 'irregular pattern' – if your computer time and date are not correct (moved a lot to the future), then the error Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime Library may appear because of this. The fact is that program developers limit their term of use, and, naturally, the programs, when checking the date (seeing that the deadline 'X' has come), stop their work …

The fix is ​​very simple: set the real date and time.

2) Very often the error Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime Library appears due to DirectX. I recommend updating DirectX (or uninstalling and installing a new one; article about DirectX –

All the best…

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