Electronic Arts announced the creation of a cloud gaming platform


The technology from EA is called Project Atlas.

The corresponding statement in the official blog Electronic Arts was made by the technical director of the company Ken Moss.

Project Atlas is a cloud-based system for both gamers and developers. From a gamer's point of view, there may not be much innovation here: the user downloads the client application and launches a game in it, which is processed on EA's servers.

But the company wants to go further in the development of cloud technologies and offers its service for developing games on the Frostbite engine as part of this project. In a nutshell, Moss describes Project Atlas for developers as 'engine + services'.

In this case, the matter is not limited to simply using the resources of remote computers to speed up work. Project Atlas will also make it possible to use neural networks to create individual elements (for example, to generate a landscape) and analyze the actions of players, as well as make it easy to integrate social components into the game.

More than a thousand EA employees from various studios are currently working on Project Atlas. The spokesman for Eletronic Arts did not announce any specific further plans for this technology.

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