Does the game slow down? How to speed up the game – 7 simple tips

acceleration-games Even with a powerful computer, you are not at all insured that your games will not slow down. Very often, to speed up the game, it is enough to carry out a small optimization of the OS – and the games start to 'fly'!

In this article I would like to focus on the simplest and most effective ways to speed up. It is worth noting that the article will be missing the topic of 'overclocking' and the purchase of new PC components. Because the first is a rather dangerous thing for the performance of a computer, and the second requires money …


  • 1. System requirements and settings in the game
  • 2. Removing programs that load the computer
  • 3. Cleaning the registry, OS, deleting temporary files
  • 4. Defragment your hard drive
  • 5. Optimization of Winows, setting the paging file
  • 6. Setting up the video card
    • 6.1 Ati Radeon
    • 6.2 Nvidia
  • Conclusion

1. System requirements and settings in the game

Well, firstly, system requirements are indicated for any game. Many users believe that if the game satisfies what they read on the disc box, then everything is fine. Meanwhile, on disks, the minimum requirements are often written. Therefore, it is worth focusing on a small variety of requirements:

– minimum – game requirements required to run it at the lowest performance settings;

– Recommended – computer settings that will provide optimal (medium settings) game performance.

So, if your PC meets only the minimum system requirements, then set the minimum values ​​in the game settings: low resolution, graphics quality to a minimum, etc. It is practically impossible to replace the performance of a piece of hardware with a program!

Next, we'll take a look at tips to help you speed up the game, no matter how powerful your PC is.

2. Removing programs that load the computer

It often happens that the game slows down, not because there are not enough system requirements for its normal operation, but because another program is running simultaneously with it, which heavily loads your system. For example, the antivirus program of the hard disk is being checked (by the way, sometimes such a scan is launched automatically on a schedule, if you have configured it). Naturally, the computer cannot cope with the tasks and starts to slow down.

If this happens during the game, click on the 'Win' button (or Cntrl + Tab) – in general, minimize the game and go to the desktop. Then launch the task manager (Cntrl + Alt + Del or Cntrl + Shift + Esc) and see which process or program is loading your PC.

2014-01-18 14_26_02-Task Manager If there is an extraneous program (besides the running game), then disable and close it. If it is to you at all insofar as – it is better to delete it altogether. – an article on how to uninstall programs.— check also the programs that are in your startup. If there are unfamiliar applications, then disable them.

When playing, I recommend disabling torrents and various p2p clients (Strong, for example). When uploading files, your PC can be heavily loaded because of these programs – accordingly, games will slow down.

By the way, many users also install dozens of different icons, gadgets on the desktop, set up blinking cursors, etc. All this 'creation', as a rule, can very heavily load your PC, besides, many users do not need it, because .to. most of the time they spend in various programs, games, where the interface is made in their own style. The question is, why then paint the OS, losing performance, which is never superfluous …

3. Cleaning the registry, OS, deleting temporary files

The registry is a large database that your OS uses. Over time, this database accumulates a lot of 'garbage': erroneous entries, program entries that you have deleted a long time ago, etc. This can cause a slower computer, so it is recommended to clean and optimize it.

The same applies to the hard disk, which can accumulate a large number of temporary files. It is recommended to clean your hard drive: https: //

By the way, this post about acceleration Windows will also come in handy: https: //

4. Defragment your hard drive

All files that you copy to the hard drive are scattered in 'chunks' (simplified concept). So, over time, there are more and more such scattered pieces, and in order to put them together, the computer takes more time. Because of what, you can observe a decrease in performance.

Therefore, it is recommended to defragment the disk from time to time.

The easiest way is to use the standard feature Windows. Go to 'my computer', right-click on the required disk, and select the 'properties' item.

2014-01-18 15_21_09-Properties_ Local Disk (C_) Further in the 'service' there is an optimization and defragmentation button. Click it and follow the wizard's recommendations.

5. Optimization of Winows, setting the paging file

Optimizing the OS, firstly, is to disable all installed extensions: cursors, icons, gadgets, etc. All these 'small things' significantly reduce the speed of work.

Second, if the computer runs out of RAM, it starts using the paging file (virtual memory). This creates an increased load on the hard disk. Therefore, we have already mentioned that it needs to be cleaned of 'junk' files and defragmented. Also, configure the paging file, preferably not on the system disk (

Third, automatic updates Windows can significantly slow down many users' work. I recommend disabling it and testing the game's functionality.

Fourth, turn off any effects in the OS, for example, Aero:

Fifth, choose a simple theme, such as a classic one. How to change themes and design Windows – see

You also need to go to the hidden OS settings Windows. There are many checkboxes that affect the speed of work and which, by the developers, have been removed away from prying eyes. To change these settings, special programs are used. They are called tweakers (hidden settings Windows 7). By the way, each OS has its own tweaker!

6. Setting up the video card

In this section of the article, we will change the settings of the video card, making it work for maximum performance. We will operate in the native drivers without any additional utilities.

As you know, the default settings do not always allow providing optimal settings for each user. Naturally, if you have a new powerful PC, then it makes no sense for you to change something, tk. games and so you will 'fly'. But for the rest, it's worth seeing what the developers of drivers for video cards offer us to change …

6.1 Ati Radeon

For some reason, it is believed that these cards are better suited for video, for documents, but not for games. Perhaps this was earlier, today they work very well with games, and there is no such thing that some old games are no longer supported (a similar effect was observed on some models of Nvidia cards).


We go into the settings (it is best to open them using the 'start' menu).

Next, go to the 3D tab (the name may differ slightly in different versions). Here you need to set Direct 3D and Open LG performance to maximum (just slide the slider towards speed)!

2014-01-18 15_50_09-Properties_ Monitor connection module and RADEON 9200 SERIES 2014-01-18 15_50_19-Properties_ Monitor connection module and RADEON 9200 SERIES

It will not be superfluous to look into the 'special settings'.

2014-01-18 15_51_11-Properties_ Monitor connection module and RADEON 9200 SERIES 2014-01-18 15_51_23-Properties Move all available sliders towards the speed of work. Then save and exit. The computer screen may flicker a couple of times …

Then try starting the game. This way it is possible to speed up the game due to the quality of the graphics: it will become a little worse, but the game will run faster. You can achieve optimal quality by adjusting the settings.

6.2 Nvidia

In Nvidia cards, you need to go to the 'manage 3D parameters' settings.

2014-01-18 12_38_03-NVIDIA Control Panel

Then select 'high performance' in the texture filtering settings.

2014-01-18 12_39_10-NVIDIA Control Panel

This feature will allow you to configure many parameters of the Nvidia video card for maximum performance. The picture quality will, of course, decrease, but games will slow down less, or even stop altogether. For many dynamic games, the number of frames (FPS) is more important than the clarity of the picture itself, which most players will not even have time to pay attention to …


In this article, we looked at the easiest and fastest ways to optimize your computer to speed up games. Of course, no settings and programs can replace the new “hardware”. If you have the opportunity, then, of course, it is worth updating the computer components.

If you know more ways to speed up games, share in the comments, I will be very grateful.

Good luck!

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