DNS server not responding: what to do?

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DNS server not responding: what to do?Hello to all readers of my pcpro100.info blog! Today I have prepared an article for you that will help you solve one fairly common error that baffles even fairly advanced users: the dns server is not responding.

In this article, I will discuss the causes of this error, as well as several ways to solve it. From you in the comments, I will wait for confirmation of what exactly helped you, as well as new options, if someone knows. Go!

1. What does 'DNS server not responding' mean?

To proceed to troubleshooting, you need to understand what it means the DNS server is not responding.

DNS server not responding: what to do?

To understand the essence of the problem, you need to know what a DNS server is. When accessing any virtual page on the network, the user gains access to a specific section of the remote server. This section contains and stores files that are converted by the browser used and offered to users in the form of a page with text, images and other information familiar to the visual perception of any user. Each server has an individual IP address that is required to gain access. DNS server is a functional tool for comfortable and correct redirection of requests to a domain from a specific IP address.

DNS server not responding: what to do?

Often the DNS server does not respond at Windows 7 / 10 when connected to the network via a modem and without using a network cable, as well as for users who use a different wireless Internet connection method. In some cases, an error may occur after installing the antivirus.

Important! Often, users personally show interest and make changes to the modem settings, which lead to a loss of connection and an unwanted error. Therefore, it is not recommended to edit working settings unnecessarily.

2. Dns server not responding – how to fix it?

If the user observes an error, there are four ways to eliminate it:

  1. Reboot the router. Very often it is enough to overload the modem to fix the error. During the reboot process, the device returns to its original settings and parameters, which helps to quickly and effectively solve the problem;
  2. Checking the correctness of entering addresses in the settings. To check the literacy and correctness of filling in the DNS address, you need to go to the properties tab of the 'Local Area Connections', there you need to find 'Internet Protocol v4' and check the specified address. The information that must be indicated in this field must be in the contractual documents for the connection. The server address can also be obtained from the provider by contacting him by phone or in another way;
  3. Updating drivers for the network card. The problem can be solved by changing the provider and in some other situations;
  4. Configuring the work of antivirus and firewall. Modern programs that are designed to protect data and information on a PC from viruses and fraudulent activities can block access to the network. You should carefully review the settings of such programs.

To correct an error with a greater probability, it is necessary to consider in detail specific situations. This is what we will do below.

2.1. B Windows

There are several possible solutions to the problem indicated in the table.

Way Procedure
Reboot the router It is recommended to disconnect the device from the power supply or use the shutdown button, if provided in the configuration, and wait about 15 seconds. After the time expires, you must turn on the device again.
Using the command line You should call the command line from the administrator of the PC. To do this, click on 'Start', then find and click on 'Find programs and files' and write cmd. After these actions, a shortcut to the program will appear. You should click on it with the right mouse button and select the item “ Run as administrator. '' Then you should type and execute certain commands, after entering each command, you must press the enter key:
  • ipconfig / flushdns
  • ipconfig / registerdns
  • ipconfig / release
  • ipconfig / renew
Checking the settings and parameters You need to visit the control panel and find 'Network Control Center…'. This subsection contains information about the network. Select the connection to use, then right-click the computer mouse and select 'Properties.' The user will open a new window in which, in turn, select:
  • Protocol (TCP / IPv6);
  • Protocol (TCP / IPv4).

Then you need to click on 'Properties'. Check the boxes next to the items: get DNS server and IP address automatically. When checking the settings, you must be very careful and take into account the information specified in the contract with the provider, if any. This method only helps if there is no specific address specified by the provider.

You can register the addresses provided by Google, which, according to the search engine itself, help speed up the loading of web pages: or

Most modern users use TP-link routers and devices. DNS server not responding error can be fixed in several ways:

• Reboot; • Checking the settings; • It is necessary to re-enter the settings according to the instructions supplied with the router.

Attention! Some, especially inexpensive TP-link models, have lost parameters. In this case, you should follow the setup instructions that are attached to the device and enter the data and DNS addresses specified in the contract and provided by the provider.

DNS server not responding: what to do?

It is better to set the basic settings on the TP-link router, unless otherwise specified in the contract with the provider.

4. DNS server does not respond (Beeline or Rostelecom)

All of the listed methods of eliminating the error are calculated on the fact that the problems arose exactly at the user. But practice shows that in most cases the provider has problems for a number of reasons, for example, technical failures.

For this reason, when an error occurs, it is necessary not to rush, but to wait a while: you can reboot your computer and router during this period without touching any settings. If the situation has not changed, then it is recommended to contact the representatives of the provider company and tell about the problem, informing the specialist of the data that he requires: contract number, surname, IP-address or other information. If a problem occurs with the Internet service provider, he will inform you about it and tell you the approximate time frame for eliminating the accident. This is especially true for the owners of the Internet from Rostelecom (I myself am one of them, so I know what I am talking about). Very helpful numbers:

  • 8 800 302 08 00 – Rostelecom technical support for individuals;
  • 8 800 302 08 10 – Rostelecom technical support for legal entities.

If the problem did not arise with the provider, then the company's specialist can in some cases help the user solve it by giving competent advice or recommendations.

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