Disabling the touchpad on a laptop

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The touchpad is a touch-sensitive device designed specifically for portable devices such as laptops, netbooks, etc. The touchpad responds to finger presses on its surface. It is used as a replacement (alternative) to a regular mouse. Any modern laptop is equipped with a touchpad, but, as it turned out, it is not easy to disable it on any laptop …

Why disable the touchpad?

For example, a regular mouse is connected to my laptop and it moves from one table to another – quite rarely. Therefore, I do not use the touchpad at all. Also, when working at the keyboard, you accidentally touch the surface of the touchpad – the cursor on the screen begins to tremble, highlight areas that do not need to be selected, etc. In this case, the best option would be to completely disable the touchpad …

In this article, I want to consider several ways on how to disable the touchpad on a laptop. And so, let's get started …

1) Via function keys

On most laptop models, among the function keys (F1, F2, F3, etc.) the ability to disable the touchpad is available. It is usually marked with a small rectangle (sometimes, on the button, in addition to the rectangle, there may be a hand).

disable touchpad - acer aspire 5552g

Disable touchpad – acer aspire 5552g: press FN + F7 simultaneously.

If you don't have a function button to disable the touchpad, skip to the next option. If there is – and it does not work, there may be a couple of reasons for this:

1. Lack of drivers

It is necessary to update the drivers (preferably from the official site). You can also use programs for auto-updating drivers: https://pcpro100.info/obnovleniya-drayverov/

2. Disable function buttons in BIOS

In some laptop models In BIOS, you can disable the function keys (for example, I saw something like this in Dell Inspirion laptops). To fix this, go to Bios (Bios login buttons: https://pcpro100.info/kak-voyti-v-bios-klavishi-vhoda/), then go to the ADVANSED section and pay attention to the Function key item (if necessary change the appropriate setting).

dell enable function keys

Dell laptop: enabling function keys

3. Broken keyboard

It is quite rare. Most often, some debris (crumbs) gets under the button and therefore it starts to work badly. It is enough to press it harder and the key will work. In the event of a keyboard malfunction – usually it does not work completely …

2) Disconnection via the button on the touchpad itself

Some laptops on the touchpad have a very small on / off button (usually located in the upper left corner). In this case, the task of disabling is reduced to a simple click on it (no comments) ….

HP Notebook PC - Touchpad Off Button (Left, Top)

HP Notebook PC – Touchpad Off Button (Left, Top).

3) Through the mouse settings in the control panel Windows 7 / 8

1. Go to the control panel Windows, then open the 'Hardware and Sound' section, then go to the mouse settings. See screenshot below.

2015-04-19 11_10_12-Equipment and sound

2. If you have the 'native' driver installed on the touchpad (and not the default, which often installs Windows) – you should have advanced settings. In my case, I needed to open the Dell Touchpad tab and go to advanced settings.

2015-04-19 11_10_40-Properties_ Mouse

3. Then everything is simple: toggle the checkbox to completely disable and no longer use the touchpad. By the way, in my case there was also an option to leave the touchpad on, but using the 'Disable accidental palm clicks' mode. Honestly, I haven't tested this mode, it seems to me that there will still be random presses, so it's better to turn it off completely.

2015-04-19 11_11_05-Pointing devices

What if there are no advanced settings?

1. Go to the manufacturer's website and download the 'native driver' there. More details: https://pcpro100.info/pereustanovka-windows-7-na-noutbuke-dell/#5

2. Remove the driver completely from the system and disable auto-search and auto-installation of drivers by means Windows. More on this later in the article.

4) Removing the driver from the OS Windows 7 / 8 (total: the touchpad does not work)

There are no advanced settings in the mouse settings to disable the touchpad.

There are no advanced settings in the mouse settings to disable the touchpad.

An ambiguous way. Removing the driver is easy and quick, but Windows 7 (8 and higher) automatically produce and install drivers for all equipment that is connected to the PC. This means that you need to disable auto-installation of drivers so that Windows 7 does not look for anything either in the folder Windows or on the site Microsoft.

1. How to disable auto-search and installation of drivers in Windows 7 / 8

1.1. Open the Run tab and write the command 'gpedit.msc' (without quotes. In Windows 7 – the Run tab in the Start menu, in Windows 8 you can open it by pressing the Win + R buttons).

Win7 - gpedit.msc

Windows 7 – gpedit.msc.

1.2. Under Computer Configuration, expand Administrative Templates, System, and Device Installations, and then select Device Installation Restrictions.

Next, open the 'Prevent installation of devices not described by other policy settings' tab.

Local Group Policy Editor

1.3. Now check the box next to the 'Enable' option, save the settings and restart your computer.

Prevent device installation

2. How to remove the device and driver from the system Windows

2.1. Go to the OS control panel Windows, then to the 'Hardware and Sound' tab, and open the 'Device Manager'.

2015-04-19 12_09_25-Equipment and sound

2.2. Then just find the section 'Mice and other pointing devices', right-click on the device you want to remove and select this function from the menu. Actually, after that, the device should not work for you, and the driver for it Windows will not install, without your direct instructions …

2015-04-19 12_09_45-Device Manager

5) Disable the touchpad in BIOS

How to enter B IOS – https://pcpro100.info/kak-voyti-v-bios-klavishi-vhoda/

Not all laptop models support this feature (but some do). To disable the touchpad in BIOS, you need to go to the ADVANCED section, and find the Internal Pointing Device line in it – then just change it to [Disabled] mode.

Then save the settings and restart the laptop (Save and exit).

Disable touchpad in BIOS


Some users say that they simply cover the touchpad with some kind of plastic card (or calendar), or even a simple piece of thick paper. In principle, this is also an option, although such paper would interfere with my work. In other words, the taste and color …

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