Developers leave Electronic Arts due to Star Wars


The point is allegedly the unsuccessful start of Star Wars Battlefront II.

The Swedish studio DICE, owned by Electronic Arts, has lost about 10% of its employees over the past year, or about 40 people out of 400. However, according to some reports, this number is even lower than the real one.

There are two reasons for leaving DICE developers. The first is competition with other companies. Stockholm has had offices of King and Paradox Interactive for some time, and recently Epic Games and Ubisoft also opened offices in Sweden. It is reported that most of the former DICE employees went to these four companies.

The second reason is called the disappointment with the latest at the moment (while Battlefield V is preparing for release) studio project – Star Wars Battlefront II. Upon release, the game faced a barrage of criticism due to microtransactions, and Electronic Arts instructed the developers to urgently redo the already released product. Probably, some of the developers took it as a personal failure and decided to try their hand at another place.

DICE and EA did not comment on this information.

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