Computers dream for a reason: the meaning of 'technical' dreams

Dreams don't come to us out of nowhere. Scientists have proven that with their help, a person is given the opportunity to look into his subconscious. In a dream, the human brain reacts to what is happening in the same way as to situations in real life. Let's consider several meanings of technical dreams.

Computers dream for a reason: the meaning of 'technical' dreams

Why dream of working at a computer

Working on a laptop in a dream is a great sign. Such a dream means that success awaits you, a rise in the career ladder. You have to carry out the most important orders of the authorities. If you are typing on your computer while sleeping, this indicates your authority in the team and portends success in a new job.

If the main character of the dream is not you yourself, but another person, such a dream is a warning that you may not achieve your goal. You should be careful. No need to share information with strangers, keep it for yourself.

Why dream of a computer breakdown

Such dreams are harbingers of trouble. You will be able to overcome them only with outside help. If the laptop starts to freeze, it means that the bosses will require you to complete more tasks. If any program starts to function incorrectly, a conflict situation with the boss is inevitable.

Launching anti-virus protection in a dream means acquiring new diseases and enemies, but most likely you will not be able to know about them.

If such a program showed the presence of a virus, and you managed to eliminate it, you can defeat an opponent who is stronger than you. And if not, you are in danger of defeat. When the system is already infected with a virus, but you manage to start it, your ambition will triumph over reason, but you will have to regret it.

Why dream of buying a computer

Such dreams are interpreted as self-affirmation or a warning against failure. If you dream of buying a laptop or computer, this is a positive sign. A promotion or other more prestigious job awaits you.

Often, people who need help from outside have to make a purchase of a computer in a dream.

Why do computer games dream

Playing them in a dream means an excessive enthusiasm for oneself, and in this case, you can easily lose friends.

In the case when you observe the game of another person from the outside, the dream speaks of the loss of reality and the loss of control over yourself.

Participation in the game means that you are afraid of being controlled and dependent. Seeing yourself as her hero means unwillingness to perceive reality, the desire to leave it in an artificially created, comfortable and safe world.

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