Changing UEFI B IOS settings may disable laptops Lenovo


Profile resource Notebookcheck reported a serious problem with laptops Lenovo. Some laptops will crash completely after simply changing the UEFI B IOS settings.

The presence of the bug has so far been confirmed for five models from the line Lenovo ThinkPad: P1, P52, P52s, P72 and X1 Yoga 2018. In case of activation in the UEFI menu of the item responsible for Thunderbolt support in B IOS, these devices go into a cyclic reboot with subsequent damage to the ROM chip. A complete system board replacement may be required to return mobile PCs to a usable state.

According to Notebookcheck, Lenovo the problem has been known to exist since at least last summer, but so far the company has not taken any action to resolve it.

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