Can't log into VKontakte (VK)? Why? Solution to the problem

In contact with If you use the Internet and social networks, whether you like it or not, sooner or later you will face problems … One of the most sensational in recent years is blocking access to one of the most popular social networks – Vkontakte.

As a rule, users do not even know that after starting their computer and opening a browser, they will not be able to load the 'contact' web page …

In this article, we will try to understand consistently the most common reasons due to which this problem occurs.

1. The main reasons why you can not go to Vkontakte

In general, there are 3 most popular reasons due to which ~ 95% of users cannot enter VKontakte. Let's briefly talk about each of them.

1) Enter the wrong password or mail

Most often, the correct password was simply forgotten. Sometimes users confuse mail, because they can have multiple mailboxes. Double-check the entered data carefully.

2) you caught a virus

There are viruses that block access to various sites: for example, to antivirus sites, to social networks, etc. How to remove such a virus will be described below, but you cannot describe it in a nutshell …

3) Your website has been hacked

Most likely, they hacked you, too, not without the help of viruses, first you need to clean the computer of them, and then restore access to the network.

2. Why is the password correct?

Many users have pages not only in one social network 'Vkontakte', plus add to this a few e-mail boxes and daily employment … You can easily confuse one password from one service with another.

In addition, many sites on the Internet do not allow easy-to-remember passwords and always force users to change them to their own generated ones. And of course, when before you easily entered a social network, just clicking on your favorites in the browser, then after a month, remembering the password is difficult.

To recover your password, click in the left column, right below the authorization lines, the item 'forgot your password?'.

2014-01-14 22_42_57-Welcome _ VKontakte Next, you need to specify the phone number or username that was used to enter the site. Actually, nothing complicated.

2014-01-14 22_43_29-Restoring access to the page _ VKontakte By the way, before recovering your password, it is recommended to clean your computer from viruses, and at the same time check for a virus that blocks access to the site. More on this below …

3. Virus blocking access to VK

The number and types of viruses are in the thousands (in more detail about viruses). And even the presence of a modern antivirus is unlikely to save you 100% from a virus threat, at least when suspicious changes occur in the system – it will not be superfluous to check your PC with another antivirus program.

1) First you need to install an antivirus on your computer (if you already have it, try downloading Cureit). Here's something that comes in handy:

2) Update the databases, and then check the entire PC (at least the system disk).

3) Pay attention, by the way, that in your startup and in the installed programs. Remove suspicious programs that you did not install. It's just that very often all kinds of add-ons are installed along with the programs you need, which can embed various ad units, interfering with your work.

4) By the way, a couple of interesting notes:

How to remove a virus —https: //

Removing ad units and teasers —https: //

Removing 'Webalta' from the browser —https: //

3.1 Sharing a contact

After you have cleaned your computer from various adware programs (they can also be classified as viruses), you can proceed directly to restoring the system. It's just that if you do this without removing viruses, there will be little sense – very soon the Internet page on the social network will stop opening again.

1) You need to open the explorer and go to the address 'C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Drivers \ etc' (copy without quotes).

2014-01-14 22_59_11-etc

2) There is a hosts file in this folder. We need to open it for editing and make sure that there are no unnecessary and suspicious lines in it.

To open it, just right click on it and select open with notepad. If after you have opened this file, the picture is as follows, then everything is fine. By the way, the hashs at the beginning of a line indicate that these lines are comments, i.e. roughly speaking – simple text that does not affect the operation of your PC in any way.

2014-01-14 23_00_58-hosts - Notepad

Warning: Virus writers are cunning. From personal experience I can say that at first glance there is nothing suspicious here. But if you scroll to the end of the text notebook, it turns out that at the very bottom, after a heap of blank lines, there are 'viral' lines that block access to sites. So actually it was …

Hosts file

Here we clearly see that the address of the 'Vkontakte' network is written, opposite which is the IP of our own computer … By the way, please note that there are no bars, which means this is not just text, but instructions for a PC that it should download this site to Naturally, this site does not exist at this address – and you cannot enter 'Vkontakt!'.

What to do about it?

Just delete all suspicious lines and save this file … The file should contain something like this:

2014-01-14 23_00_58-hosts - Notepad

After the procedure, restart your computer.

A couple of problems that may arise …

1. If you cannot save the hosts file, allegedly that you do not have administrator rights, then first open notepad as administrator, and then open the hosts file in it at C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Drivers \ etc .

In Windows 8 it is easy to do, just right-click on the 'notepad icon' and select 'open as administrator'. In Windows 7, you can do the same through the start menu.

2014-01-14 23_18_03-Start Menu

2014-01-14 23_13_47-Start Menu

2. Alternatively, you can use the popular Total commaqnder program – in it, just select the hosts file and press the f4 button. Next, a notepad will open in which it is easy to edit it.

3. If it does not work, then in general, take and simply delete this file. Personally, not a supporter of this method, but even it can help … Most users do not need it, and those who need it can easily restore it themselves.

3.2 Prevention

In order not to pick up such viruses, follow a couple of simple tips …

1. Do not install any software of suspicious quality initially: Internet breakers, keys to programs, download popular programs from official sites, etc.

2. Use one of the popular antivirus programs: https: //

3. Try not to access the social network from other computers. It's just that if on your own – you still control the situation, then on someone else's computer to be hacked – the risk increases.

4. Do not update your flash player just because you see a message on an unfamiliar site about the need to update it. How to update it – see here: https: //

5. If you have disabled automatic updates Windows, then from time to time check the system for important 'patches' and install them 'manually'.

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