Blue screen of death. What to do?

blue screen of death Good afternoon.

Although, probably, he is not that kind, since you are reading this article … In general, the blue screen of death is not a pleasant pleasure, especially if he created a document for two hours, and autosave was turned off and did not have time to save anything … turn gray if it's a term paper and you need to take it the next day. In this article I want to talk about the step-by-step recovery of the computer if you are tormented by a blue screen with enviable regularity …

And so, let's go …

Probably, you need to start with the fact that if you see a 'blue screen' – it means Windows completed its work with a critical error, i.e. there was a very serious failure. Sometimes, getting rid of it is quite difficult, and only reinstalling Windows and drivers helps. But first, let's try to do without it!

Eliminate the blue screen of death

1) Configuring the computer so that it does not reboot during a blue screen.

By default, the OS Windows, after the blue screen appears, goes to reboot automatically without asking you. There is not always enough time to write down the error. Therefore, first of all, we will make sure that Windows does not reboot automatically. Below it will be shown how to do this in the OS Windows 7, 8.

Open the computer control panel and go to the 'System and Security' section.

2014-04-12 20_04_46-Control panel

Next, go to the 'system' section.

2014-04-12 20_04_55-System and security

On the left, you need to follow the link to additional system parameters.

2014-04-12 20_05_01-System

Here we are interested in the boot and recovery options.

2014-04-12 20_05_20-System properties

In the center of the window, under the heading System Failure, there is an item called Auto Reboot. Uncheck this box so that the system does not reboot and gives you the opportunity to photograph or write down the error number on paper.

2014-04-12 20_05_27-Boot and Recovery

2) The error code is the key to solving the error


A blue screen of death appeared in front of you (by the way, in English it is called BSOD). You need to write down the error code.

Where is he? The screenshot below shows the line that will help determine the cause. In my case, an error like '0x0000004e'. I write it down on a piece of paper and go to look …

death blue screen error code

I suggest using the site – there are all the most common error codes. Found, by the way, and mine. To solve it, I am advised to identify the faulty driver and replace it. The wish, of course, is good, but there are no recommendations on how to do it (we will consider below) … Thus, you can find out the reason, or at least come very close to it.

3) How do I find out the driver that caused the blue screen?

In order to determine which driver the failure occurred, you need the BlueScreenView utility.

It's easy to use. After launching, it will automatically find and show the errors that were recorded by the system and reflected in the dump.

Below is a screenshot of the program's operation. Above shows errors when a blue screen occurred, date and time. Select the desired date and see not only the error code on the right, but also the name of the file that caused the error is shown at the bottom!

In this screenshot, the file 'ati2dvag.dll' did not suit something Windows. Most likely, you need to install newer or older drivers on the video card and the error will disappear by itself.


Likewise, step by step, you can identify the error code and the file that is causing the failure. And then you can try to replace the drivers on your own and return the system to its previous stable operation.

What if all else fails?

1. The first thing we try to do when a blue screen appears is to press some keys on the keyboard (at least the computer itself recommends this). 99% that you will not succeed and you will have to press the restart button. Well, if nothing else remains – press …

2. I recommend testing the entire computer and RAM in particular. Very often, a blue screen occurs because of it. By the way, wipe its contacts with a regular eraser, blow out dust from the system unit, clean everything. Perhaps due to poor contact of the RAM connectors with the slot where it is inserted and a failure occurred. Very often this procedure helps.

3. Pay attention to when the blue screen appears. If you see him once every six months or a year, does it make sense to look for reasons? If, however, it began to appear after each download Windows – pay attention to the drivers, especially which you recently updated. Most often, problems arise due to the drivers for the video card. Be sure to update them, or install a more stable version if this is the case. By the way, we have already partially touched on the driver conflict in this article.

4. If the computer displays a blue screen right at the time of the boot itself Windows, and not immediately after it (as in item 2), then most likely the system files of the OS itself were corrupted. For recovery, you can even use the standard checkpoint recovery utilities (by the way, in more detail – here).

5. Try to enter safe mode – perhaps from there you will be able to remove the faulty driver and restore the system to work. After that, the best option would be to try to restore the system Windows using the boot disk from which you installed it. To do this, run the installation, and during it, select not 'install', but 'repair' or 'update' (depending on the OS version, there will be different wording).

6. By the way, I personally noted that in newer operating systems, a blue screen appears much less often. If your PC meets the specifications for installing an OS on it Windows 7, 8 – install it. I think, in general, there will be fewer mistakes.

7. If none of the previously suggested ones helped you, I'm afraid that only reinstalling the system will correct the situation (and then, if there are no hardware problems). Before this operation, all the necessary data can be copied to a flash drive (by booting using the Live CD, and not from your hard disk) and quietly installed Windows.

I hope at least one piece of advice will help you from this article …

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