Blue Screen of Death – How to Get Rid of

Hello, dear Andrey Ponomarev!

Thanks for the recommendation, but alas, nothing was achieved.

  1. It was not possible to enter safe mode using the F8 button: after the screen is illuminated, it goes out after a couple of seconds and does not come to life despite holding the button. I turn it off with the power button and turn it on again in the described way through F2. The computer is loaded and I notice a change in the scale of the text and the location of the elements of the desktop after manipulating with F8, but everything works as usual.
  2. Even if successful with BR, it would be impossible to fulfill items 2-5 of your recommendations: in my W10, the chain 'This computer' – 'additionally' breaks off due to the absence of 'Additional', so enter the 'Additional menu. boot options' and further is not possible. Apparently, your version is from another OS. Since the goal of restoring startup has not been achieved, I will use, while the computer is alive, in a confused way, through F2. But the fear of failure remains, especially since the defect has already made itself felt a couple of times with a blue screen and the hassle of restoring it using a recovery disk made on a USB flash drive from another computer. For this I say goodbye with respect.


Expert answer:

Hello Isaac! As for enabling the appearance of the “blue screen”, for Windows 10 it is done as follows:

  • open “This PC” and click on the “Advanced system settings” section;
  • go to the “Advanced” tab and in the “Startup and Recovery” section click “Options”;
  • in the window that opens, uncheck the “Perform automatic reboot” line in the “System failure” block.

If, again, nothing happens, then you will need to find a bootable media with an operating system image Windows 10 in order to get into the recovery environment, unfortunately, apparently without a valid image you will not be able to properly designate the required to resolve the issue information. If there is no bootable / installation media available and you cannot make or purchase one, you should contact the service center. Also, it is worth noting, try not to hold down the button, but constantly press it. And also clarify if you can get into B IOS?

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