Bethesda asks players to help them with bugs


According to the developers, Fallout 76 is far from over.

Bethesda Game Studios has posted an open letter to fans of the studio's games in its Twitter account ahead of the launch of the beta version of Fallout 76.

In this message, the developers thanked the fans for their support and admitted that the decision to make Fallout an online game, made in 2015, was not easy for the company.

And if usually the development of the game actually ended with its release, then in the case of Fallout 76 everything will be different: the real work is just beginning. Including work on the elimination of bugs and other shortcomings of the game – and this studio needs the help of the players themselves.

Bethesda promises to listen to users and resolve issues identified both during the beta testing, which began on October 23rd, and after the game's release, which is scheduled for November 14th.

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