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Imagining a home computer without video today is simply unrealistic! And there are dozens of video formats found on the Internet (at least the most popular ones)!

Therefore, the operation of converting video and audio from one format to another was relevant 10 years ago, is relevant today, and will be relevant for another 5-6 years for sure.

In this article, I want to share the best converter software (in my opinion) to accomplish a similar task. The list was compiled exclusively by me, without taking into account any ratings and reviews from other sites.

By the way, in order to fully work with a variety of video files, you need to install one of the sets of codecs on your PC:


  • 1. Format Factory (video format factory)
  • 2. Bigasoft Total Video Converter (the most intuitive converter)
  • 3. Movavi Video Converter (best for 'fitting' video to the desired size)
  • 4. Xilisoft Video Converter (popular universal program / combine)
  • 5. Freemake Video Converter (free and convenient converter / best for DVD)

1. Format Factory (video format factory)

Official site:

Figure:  1. Format-Factory: select the format to convert to ...

Figure: 1. Format-Factory: select the format to convert to …

In my opinion, this is one of the best programs for work. Judge for yourself:

  1. Free with Russian language support;
  2. supports all the most popular video formats (AVI, MP4, WMV, etc.);
  3. there are video cropping functions;
  4. fast enough work;
  5. convenient toolbar (and design in general).

To convert any video: first select the format into which you want to 'overtake' the file (see Fig. 1), and then configure the settings (see Fig. 2):

– you need to select the quality (there are preset options, I always use them: high, medium and low quality);

– then indicate what to cut and what to cut (I personally rarely use it, I think in most cases it will not be necessary);

– and lastly: choose where to save the new file. Then just click OK.

Figure:  2.convert MP4 conversion

Figure: 2.convert MP4 conversion

Then the program will start converting. The operating time can vary greatly, depending on: the source video, the power of your PC, the format into which you are converting.

On average, to find out the conversion time, simply divide the duration of your video by 2-3, i.e. if your video lasts 1 hour, then the time for the envelope will be approximately 20-30 minutes.

Figure:  3. The file has been converted to MP4 format - report.

Figure: 3. The file has been converted to MP4 format – report.

2. Bigasoft Total Video Converter (the most intuitive converter)

Official website:

Figure:  1. Bigasoft Total Video Converter 5 main window

Figure: 4. Bigasoft Total Video Converter 5: main window – open file for envelope (clickable)

I put this program in second place for a reason.

Firstly, its most important advantage is that it is simple and quick to work with it (even a novice PC user can quickly figure out and convert all his video files).

Secondly, the program supports just a huge variety of formats (there are dozens of them, see Fig. 5): ASF, AVI, MP4, DVD, etc. Moreover, the program has a sufficient number of templates: you can quickly select the video you need to run for Android (for example) or for Web video.

Figure:  5.supported video formats

Figure: 5.formats supported

And, thirdly, Bigasoft Total Video Converter has the most convenient editor (Fig. 6). You can quickly and easily crop edges, apply effects, watermarks, subtitles, and more. 6 I easily and quickly cropped the uneven edge in the video with a simple mouse movement (see green arrows)! The program shows the original video (Original) and what you get after applying filters (Preview).

Figure:  6. Cropping edges, applying filters

Figure: 6. Cropping edges, applying filters

Bottom line: the program is suitable for absolutely everyone – from novice users to experienced ones. There are all the necessary settings for fast video editing and converting. The only drawback is that the program is paid. In general, I recommend it!

3. Movavi Video Converter (best for 'fitting' video to the desired size)

Official website: https: //

Movavi Video Converter

Figure: 7. Movavi Video Converter

A very interesting video converter. First, it should be said that the program fully supports the Russian language. Also, one cannot fail to note the intuitive interface: even a user who works little with video can easily figure out 'where is what and where to click'. By the way, the trick that caught on: after adding the video and choosing the format (to which to convert, see Fig. 7) – you can specify what size of the output file you need (see Fig. 8). For example, you have little space left on your flash drive, and the file is too large – no problem, open it in Movavi and select the size you need – the converter will automatically select the desired quality and compress the file. The beauty!

Movavi Video Converter

Figure: 8. Setting the final file size

In addition, one cannot fail to note the convenient video editing panel (you can crop the edges, add a watermark, change the brightness of the picture, etc.). In fig. 9 you can see an example of adding a Wood + color filter with a watermark applied.

Here you can also rotate and crop the video, add or remove subtitles and remove shake from the clip. You can compare with the original in a convenient preview mode by switching between the Before and After buttons. I was also pleased with the ability to apply changes to several files at once – this concerns stabilization, color correction, filters, cropping and rotation.

Video editing in Movavi editor

Figure: 9. The difference in the color gamut of the picture: BEFORE and AFTER processing in the editor

By the way, I can't help but note that the developers of the program declare that the speed of their product is much higher than that of competitors (see Fig. 10). From myself I will say that the program works quickly, but in the sincerity of Fig. 10 100% I doubt it. At least on my home PC, the compression speed is higher, but not as much as in the graph.

Movavi Video Editor

Figure: 10. Speed ​​of work (in comparison)

Official website:

Figure:  11. Xilisoft Video Converter

Figure: 11. Xilisoft Video Converter

A very popular converter of video files. I would compare it to a combine: it supports the vast majority of videos that can only be found on the net. The program, by the way, supports the Russian language (after launching you need to open the settings and select it from the list of available languages).

Also, one cannot fail to note a wide variety of options and settings for editing and converting videos. For example, the offered formats, into which you can recode video, run wild (see Fig. 12): MKV, MOV, MPEG, AVI, WMV, RM, SWF, etc.

Figure:  12. Formats into which you can transcode video

Figure: 12. Formats into which you can transcode video

Besides, Xilisoft Video Converter has interesting possibilities for editing video images (Effects button on the toolbar). In fig. 13 presents the effects that can be used to enhance the original picture: for example, crop the edges, apply a watermark, increase the brightness and saturation of the image, apply various effects (make the video black and white or overlay 'mosaic').

It is also convenient that the program immediately shows how to change the picture.

Figure:  13. Cropping, brightness adjustment

Figure: 13. Cropping, brightness adjustment, watermark and other delights

Bottom line: a universal program for solving a huge number of video questions. We can note a good compression speed, a wide variety of settings, support for the Russian language, the ability to quickly edit a picture.

5. Freemake Video Converter (free and convenient converter / best for DVD)

Official website:

Figure:  14.adding video

Figure: 14.adding videos to Freemake Video Converter

This is one of the best free video converting software. Its advantages are obvious:

  1. Russian language support;
  2. more than 200 supported formats !;
  3. supports downloading videos from 50 most popular sites (Vkontakte, Youtube, Facebook, etc.);
  4. the ability to convert to AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, 3GP, HTML5;
  5. increased conversion speed (unique special algorithms);
  6. auto-burn to DVD (Blu-Ray support (by the way, the program will automatically calculate how to compress the file to fit on DVD));
  7. convenient visual video editor.

To convert a video, you need to follow three steps:

  1. add a video (see fig. 14 above);
  2. then select the format in which you want to produce the envelope (for example, in DVD, see Fig. 15). By the way, it is convenient to use the function of auto-adjusting the video size for the required DVD disc (the bit rate and other settings will be set automatically so that the video fits on the DVD disc – see Fig. 16);
  3. select the optimal parameters and press the start button.

Figure:  15. Freemake Video Converter - convert to DVD format

Figure: 15. Freemake Video Converter – convert to DVD format

Figure:  16. Options for converting to DVD

Figure: 16. Options for converting to DVD


Programs for one reason or another did not suit me, but which are also worth paying attention to: XMedia Recode, WinX HD Video Converter, Aiseesoft Total Video Converter, Any Video Converter, ImTOO Video Converter.

I think that the converters presented in the article are more than enough even for everyday work with video. As always, I would be grateful for some really interesting additions to the article. Good luck!

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