Best torrent clients for Android


Torrents are one of the most convenient ways to exchange information in large volumes. The technology is implemented in a cooperative way based on the peer-to-peer protocol of Bram Cohen. Below is a selection of the best torrent clients for gadgets at Android.


Best torrent clients for Android

Flud is a torrent client that captivates with its minimalism and simple interface. A feature of the application is the possibility of sequential download, as a result of which you can watch a movie until the download is complete. There is a free version with a lot of ads and a paid version without annoying videos.

Main functions of Flud:

  • unlimited download and upload speed;
  • partial download option;
  • manual assignment of priorities of files and folders during loading;
  • update distributions using RSS feeds;
  • configurable data transfer to a new directory after the download is complete;
  • an option to intercept magnetic links.


Best torrent clients for Android

LibreTorrent is completely free application for all gadgets on Android 4 and higher. Its principle of operation is based on the libtorrent library.

LibreTorrent benefits:

  • IP filtering function;
  • precise manual configuration, including control of the network, power and battery, changing the user interface;
  • processing large files and multi-part torrents;
  • interception of magnet and HTTP \ S links;
  • proxies for trackers and peers;
  • free movement of data across directories until the download is complete;
  • automatic folder change upon completion of download;
  • prioritization;
  • selection of individual files to download;
  • user-friendly interface for touch screens.


Best torrent clients for Android

WeTorrent is an indispensable assistant for all users who often and fruitfully interact with torrent trackers. The advantage of the application is the high efficiency of downloading and opening downloaded documents and media files.

Other distinguishing features of WeTorrent:

  • work in multithreading mode;
  • automatic renewal when a break occurs;
  • option to stop and resume work;
  • support for magnetic links;
  • control over the execution of mobile data;
  • the ability to open and view downloaded information directly from the application;
  • beautiful and modern interface design.


Best torrent clients for Android

The mobile version of uTorrent is similar to its desktop version. Its functionality practically does not differ from the 'older brother'. This program is the best choice for users who want to see a familiar and intuitive interface.

Features of the mobile version of uTorrent:

  • selection of the mode of connection to the Internet and the ability to prohibit the use of mobile data;
  • unlimited speed and unlimited file size;
  • partial download function;
  • use of magnetic links;
  • cooperation with the BitTorrent platform, which gives access to legal audio and video content.

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