Best program to speed up internet, bug fixes

internet accelerator Errors, mistakes … where can we go without them ?! Sooner or later, more and more of them accumulate on any computer and in any operating system. Over time, they, in turn, begin to affect your speed of work. Eliminating them is a rather laborious and long task, especially if you do it manually.

In this article, I would like to talk about one program that saved my computer from many errors and accelerated my Internet (or rather, work in it).

So, let's begin

The best program to speed up the Internet and your computer in general

In my opinion, today – such a program is Advanced SystemCare 7 (you can download it from the official website).

After starting the installer file, you will see the following window (see the screenshot below) – the application settings window. Let's go through the main steps that will help us speed up the Internet and fix most of the errors in the OS.

1) In the first window, we are told that together with the program to speed up the Internet, a powerful application uninstaller will be installed. Perhaps useful, click 'next'.

Internet acceleration program

2) There is nothing interesting in this step, just skip.

2014-04-26 11_22_44-Configuring Advanced SystemCare

3) I recommend that you activate the protection of your website. Many viruses and 'malicious' scripts change the start page in browsers and you are redirected to all sorts of 'not good' resources, incl. resources for adults. To avoid this, simply select the 'clean' home page in the program options. All attempts by third-party programs to change the home page will be blocked.

2014-04-26 11_22_31-Homepage Protection

4) Here, the program offers you two design options to choose from. No particular role plays. I chose the first one, it seemed more interesting to me.

the best program to speed up the internet

5) After installation, in the very first window, the program offers to check the system for all kinds of errors. Actually, that's why we installed it. We agree.

error correction

6) The verification process usually takes 5-10 minutes. It is advisable not to run any programs that load the system (for example, computer games) during the check.

2014-04-26 11_24_49-Advanced SystemCare V7

7) After checking, 2300 problems were found on my computer! Security was especially bad, although stability and performance were not much better. In general, we press the fix button (by the way, if a lot of junk files have accumulated on your disk, then you will also increase the free space on the hard drive).

2014-04-26 11_27_26-Advanced SystemCare V7

8) After a couple of minutes, the 'repair' was completed. By the way, the program provides a full report on how many files were deleted, how many errors were fixed, etc.

bug fix - system repair finished

9) What else is interesting?

A small panel will appear in the very top corner of the screen, displaying the load of the processor and RAM. By the way, the panel looks great, allowing you to quickly access the main settings of the program.

2014-04-26 11_28_50-Program Manager

If you open it, then the view is approximately the following, practically a task manager (see the picture below). By the way, a rather interesting option for cleaning up RAM (I haven't seen anything like this in utilities of this kind for a long time).

2014-04-26 11_28_24-Program Manager

By the way, after clearing memory, the program reports how much space is freed. See the blue letters in the picture below.

2014-04-26 11_28_36-Program Manager

Conclusions and results

Of course, those who expect crazy results from the program will be disappointed. Yes, it fixes errors in the registry, removes old junk files from the system, fixes errors that interfere with the normal operation of the computer – a kind of harvester, cleaner. My computer, after checking and optimizing this utility, began to work more stably, apparently there were still some errors. But the most important thing is that she was able to block the home page – and I was not sent to incomprehensible sites and I stopped wasting my time on this. Acceleration? Sure!

Those who hope that the speed of the torrent download will increase 5 times – can look for another program. I'll tell you a secret – they will never find her …


Advanced SystemCare 7 comes in two versions: Free and PRO. If you want to test the PRO version for three months – try to delete it after installing the free version. The program will offer you to use the test period …

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