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best browsers 2017: rating Good day, friends! Sorry that there have been no updates in the blog for a long time, I promise to fix it and delight you with articles more often. Today I have prepared for you the ranking of the best browsers in 2020 for Windows 10. I use this particular operating system, so I will focus on it, but there will not be much difference for users of previous versions Windows.

Ahead of last year, I reviewed the best browsers of 2016. Now the situation has changed a bit, which I will tell you about in this article. I would be glad to receive your comments and remarks. Go!


  • Best browsers 2020: rating for Windows
    • 1st place —Google Chrome
    • 2nd place – Opera
    • 3rd place – Mozilla Firefox
    • 4th place – Yandex Browser
    • 5th place – Microsoft Edge

Best browsers 2020: rating for Windows

I don't think it would be a surprise to anyone if I say that more than 90% of the population uses the operating system Windows on their computers. The most popular version remains Windows 7, which is quite explainable by the huge list of advantages (but more on that in another article). I just switched to Windows 10 just a couple of months ago and therefore this article will be especially relevant for users of the 'dozen'.

1st place —Google Chrome

chrome Google Chrome is once again the leader among browsers. It's powerful and efficient enough to be perfect for modern computer owners. According to the open statistics of LiveInternet, you can see that almost 56% of users prefer Chrome. And the number of his fans is growing every month:

Best Browsers 2017: Ranked For Windows

Share of Google Chrome usage among users

I don’t know how you think, but I think that almost 108 million visitors cannot be wrong! Now let's look at the benefits of Chrome and reveal the secret of its truly frenzied popularity.

Tip: always download programs only from the manufacturer's official website!

Google Chrome

  • Speed. This is perhaps the main reason why users give their preference to it. I found an interesting speed test of various browsers here. Well done guys, they did a lot of work, but the results are quite expected: Google Chrome is the leader in terms of speed among competitors. In addition, Chrome has the ability to preload the page, thereby speeding up the work even faster.
  • Convenience. The interface is thought out to the smallest detail. There is nothing superfluous, the principle is implemented: 'open and work'. Chrome was one of the first to implement quick access. The address bar works in conjunction with the search engine selected in the settings, which saves the user a few more seconds.
  • Stability. In my memory, only a couple of times Chrome stopped working and reported a crash, and even then the cause was viruses on the computer. Such reliability of work is ensured by the separation of processes: if one of them is stopped, the others still work.
  • Safety. Google Chome has its own regularly updated database of malicious resources, and the browser also requires additional confirmation to download executable files.
  • Incognito mode. Especially important for those who do not want to leave traces of visiting certain sites, and there is no time to clean history and cookies.
  • Task Manager. A very handy feature that I use regularly. It can be found in the More Tools menu. With the help of such a tool, you can track which of the tabs or which extension requires a lot of resources and complete the process to get rid of the 'brakes'.

Google Chrome Task Manager

Google Chrome Task Manager

  • Extensions. There are tons of different free plugins, extensions and themes for Google Chrome. Accordingly, you can literally make your own browser assembly that will meet exactly your needs. A list of available extensions can be found at this link.

Extensions for Google Chrome

Extensions for Google Chrome

  • Built-in page translator. An extremely useful function for those who like to surf in a foreign language Internet, but do not know foreign languages ​​at all. Pages are translated automatically using Google Translate.
  • Regular updates. Google carefully monitors the quality of its products, so the browser updates automatically and you won't even notice it (unlike updates in Firefox, for example).
  • Ok Google. Google Chrome has a voice search function.
  • Synchronization. For example, you decided to reinstall Windows or buy a new computer, but you have already forgotten half of the passwords. Google Chrome gives you the opportunity to not think about it at all: when you sign in to your account, all your settings and passwords will be imported to your new device.
  • Blocking ads. I wrote a separate article about this.

Download Google Chrome from the official website

Disadvantages of Google Chrome

But everything cannot be so rosy and beautiful, you ask? Of course, there is also a fly in the ointment. The main disadvantage of Google Chrome is its 'weight'. If you have an old computer with very modest productive resources, it is better to stop using Chrome and consider other browser options. The minimum amount of RAM for the correct operation of Chrome should be 2 GB. There are other negative features of this browser, but they are unlikely to be of interest to the average user.

2nd place – Opera

opera One of the oldest browsers that has recently begun to revive. Its rise in popularity was during the days of the limited and slow internet (remember Opera Mini on Simbian devices?). But even now the Opera has its own 'trick', which none of its competitors have. But we'll talk about this below.

Honestly, I recommend everyone to have another installed browser in stock. As an excellent alternative (and sometimes a complete replacement) to the previously discussed Google Chrome, I personally use the Opera browser.

Opera's merits

  • Speed. There is a magic feature Opera Turbo, which can significantly increase the speed of loading sites. In addition, Opera is perfectly optimized to work on slow computers with weak technical characteristics, thus becoming an excellent alternative to Google Chrome.
  • Saving. Very important for Internet owners with restrictions on traffic volume. Opera not only increases the speed of loading pages, but also significantly reduces the amount of traffic received and transmitted.
  • Informativeness. Opera may warn that the site you want to visit is unsafe. Various icons will help you understand what is happening and what the browser is currently using:


  • Express panel of bookmarks. Not an innovation, of course, but still a very handy feature of this browser. There are also 'hot' keys for instant access to browser control directly from the keyboard.
  • Built-in ad blocking. In other browsers, blocking of endless ad units and intrusive pop-ups is implemented using third-party plugins. Opera developers foresaw this moment and built ad blocking into the browser itself. At the same time, the speed of work increases 3 times! If necessary, this function can be disabled in the settings.
  • Energy saving mode. Opera allows you to save up to 50% of the battery charge of your tablet or laptop.

  • Built-in VPN. In the era of the Yarovaya Law and the heyday of Roskomnadzor, there is nothing better than a browser with a free built-in VPN server. With its help, you can easily go to prohibited sites, or you can watch films that are blocked in your country at the request of the copyright holder. It is because of this incredibly useful feature that I use Opera all the time.
  • Extensions. Like Google Chrome, Opera boasts a large number (over 1000+) of various extensions and themes.

Disadvantages of Opera

  • Safety. According to the results of some tests and studies, the Opera browser is not safe, often it does not see a potentially dangerous site and does not save you from scammers. Therefore, you use it at your own peril and risk.
  • May not work on older computers, high system requirements.

Download Opera from the official website

3rd place – Mozilla Firefox

FirefoxOddly enough, but still a popular choice for many users is the Mozilla Firefox browser (known as 'Fox'). In Russia, it is in third place in popularity among PC browsers. I will not condemn anyone's choice, I myself used it for quite a long time, until I switched to Google Chrome.

Any product has its fans and haters, and Firefox is no exception. Objectively, it certainly has its advantages, I will consider them in more detail.

Mozilla Firefox advantages

  • Speed. Quite a controversial figure for Lisa. This browser is pretty nimble until the wonderful moment when you install a few plugins. After that, the desire to use Firefox will disappear for a certain period.
  • Side panel. Many fans point out that the sidebar (shortcut Ctrl + B) is incredibly handy. Almost instant access to bookmarks with the ability to edit them.
  • Fine tuning. The ability to make the browser absolutely unique, 'sharpen' it to fit your needs. Accessing them is —about: config in the address bar.
  • Extensions. A huge number of different plugins and add-ons. But, as I already wrote above, the more of them are installed, the more the browser dulls.

Best browsers of 2020

Disadvantages of Firefox

  • Tor-mo-za. This is exactly why a huge number of users have abandoned the use of Fox and preferred any other browser (most often Google Chrome). It slows down terribly, it got to the point that I had to wait for a new empty tab to open.

Reducing the share of using Mozilla Firefox

Reducing the share of using Mozilla Firefox

Download Firefox from the official site

4th place – Yandex Browser

yandex A fairly young and modern browser from the Russian search engine Yandex. In February 2017, this PC browser ranked second in popularity after Chrome. Personally, I use it very rarely, it is difficult for me to trust a program that tries to deceive me at any cost and almost force me to install itself on my computer. Plus, sometimes it replaces other browsers when downloading from non-official.

Nevertheless, it is quite a worthy product, which is trusted by 8% of users (according to LiveInternet statistics). And according to Wikipedia – 21% of users. Let's consider the main advantages and disadvantages.

Yandex Browser advantages

  • Close integration with other products from Yandex. If you regularly use Yandex.Mail or Yandex.Disk, then Yandex Browser will be a real godsend for you. In fact, you will receive a complete analogue of Google Chrome, only perfectly tailored for another search engine – Russian Yandex.
  • Turbo mode. Like many other Russian developers, Yandex loves to spy on competitors' ideas. I wrote above about the magic function Opera Turbo, here is essentially the same thing, I will not repeat myself.
  • Yandex Zen. Your personal recommendations: various articles, news, reviews, videos and much more right on the start page. We opened a new tab and … woke up after 2 hours 🙂 In principle, the same is available with the Visual Bookmarks extension from Yandex for other browsers.

This is what my personal recommendations look like based on search history, social media and other magic.

This is what my personal recommendations look like based on search history, social media and other magic.

  • Synchronization. There is nothing surprising in this function – when you reinstall Windows, all your settings and bookmarks will be saved in the browser.
  • Smart line. A really useful tool – answering questions right in the search bar, without having to go to the search results and search other pages.

Best browsers of 2020

  • Safety. Yandex has its own technology – Protect, which warns the user about visiting a potentially dangerous resource. Protect includes several independent modes of protection against various network threats: encryption of data transmitted over WiFi, password protection, and antivirus technologies.
  • Customize the appearance. Choose from a huge number of ready-made backgrounds or the ability to upload your own picture.
  • Quick mouse gestures. Controlling the browser has become even easier: just hold down the right mouse button and perform a specific action to get the desired operation:

Best browsers of 2020

  • Yandex.Table. It is also a very convenient tool – the start page will contain 20 bookmarks of the sites you visit most. You can customize the tile panel for these sites as you wish.

As you can see, this is a really complete modern web browsing tool. I think that its share in the browser market will constantly grow, and the product itself will develop in the future.

Disadvantages of Yandex Browser

  • Obsession. No matter what program I try to install, no matter what service I get into, here it is: Yandex Browser. He walks right on his heels and whines: “Set me up.” Constantly wants to change the start page. And he wants a lot more. He looks like my wife 🙂 At some point it starts to infuriate.
  • Speed. Many users complain about the speed of opening new tabs, which even eclipses the infamous Mozilla Firefox. Especially true for weak computers.
  • No flexible settings. Unlike Google Chrome or Opera, Yandex Browser does not have ample opportunities to adapt to its own individual needs.

Download Yandex.Browser from the official website

5th place – Microsoft Edge

edge The youngest modern browser launched by the company Microsoft in March 2015. This browser has replaced the hated by many Internet Explorer (which is rather strange, since according to statistics IE is the safest browser!). I started using Edge from the moment I installed the 'dozen', that is, quite recently, but I have already formed my own idea of ​​it.

Best browsers of 2020

Microsoft Edge has rapidly burst into the browser market and its share is growing every day

Merits Microsoft Edge

  • Full integration with Windows 10. This is perhaps Edge's strongest trait. It works like a complete application and takes full advantage of the most modern operating system.
  • Safety. Edge has taken over from its big brother IE some of its greatest strengths, including safe surfing.
  • Speed. In terms of speed, I can put it in third place after Google Chrome and Opera, but its performance is still very good. The browser does not bother, the pages open quickly and load in a couple of seconds.
  • Reading mode. I most often use this function on mobile devices, but it may be useful for someone in the PC version as well.
  • Voice Assistant Cortana. To be honest, I haven't used it yet, but rumor has it that it is significantly inferior to Ok Google and Siri.
  • Notes. Microsoft Edge introduces handwriting and annotation functionality. Interesting thing, I must tell you. This is what it actually looks like:

Create a note in Microsoft Edge

Create a note in Microsoft Edge. Step 1.

Create a note in Microsoft Edge

Create a note in Microsoft Edge. Step 2.

Disadvantages Microsoft Edge

  • Windows 10 only. This browser is available only to owners of the latest version of the operating system Windows – 'dozens'.
  • Sometimes he dulls. For me it happens like this: enter the url of the page (or make a transition), a tab opens and the user sees a white screen until the page is fully loaded. Personally, it annoys me.
  • Incorrect display. The browser is quite new and some old sites are 'floating' in it.
  • Scarce context menu. It looks like this:

Best browsers of 2020

  • Lack of personalization. Unlike other browsers, Edge will be difficult to customize for specific needs and tasks.

Download Microsoft Edge from the official website

What browser do you use? I'm waiting for your options in the comments. If you have any questions – ask, I will answer if possible!

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