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auto-layout Good day everyone!

It would seem that such a trifle is to switch the keyboard layout, press two ALT + SHIFT buttons, but how many times do you have to retype a word, because the layout has not changed, or forgot to press in time and change the layout. I think that even those who type a lot and have mastered the 'blind' method of typing on the keyboard will agree with me.

Probably, in this regard, recently there have been quite popular utilities that allow you to change the keyboard layout in automatic mode, that is, on the fly: you type and do not think, and the robot program will change the layout in time, and along the way will correct errors or gross typos. It is about such programs that I wanted to mention in this article (by the way, some of them have long become indispensable for many users) …

Punto Switcher

Without exaggeration, this program can be called one of the best of its kind. Almost on the fly, it changes the layout, as well as corrects an incorrectly typed word, corrects typos and extra spaces, gross errors, extra capital letters, and more.

I will also note the amazing compatibility: the program works in almost all versions Windows. For many users, this utility is the first thing they install on a PC after installing the OS Windows (and in principle, I understand them!).

2016-06-04 20_44_06-Punto Switcher Settings

Add to everything else an abundance of options (the screenshot is shown above): you can customize almost every little thing, select buttons to switch and fix layouts, customize the appearance of the utility, set up rules for switching, specify programs in which you do not need to switch layouts (useful, for example, in games), etc. In general, my rating is 5, I recommend it to everyone without exception!

Key Switcher

A very, very good program for auto-switching layouts. What is most captivating about it: ease of use (everything happens automatically), flexibility of settings, support for 24 languages! In addition, the utility is free for individual use.

Works in almost all modern versions Windows.

2016-06-04 20_21_45-key switcher

By the way, the program corrects typos quite well, corrects random double capital letters (often users do not have time to press the Shift key when typing), when changing the typing language, the utility will show an icon with a country flag, which will notify the user.

In general, using the program is comfortable and convenient, I recommend you to get acquainted!

Keyboard ninja

One of the most famous utilities for automatically changing the language of the keyboard layout when typing. Easily and quickly corrects the type of text, which saves you time. Separately, I would like to highlight the settings: there are a lot of them and the program can be customized, as they say, 'for yourself'.

2016-06-04 19_33_31-keyboard ninja

Keyboard Ninja settings window.

Key features of the program:

  • auto-correct text if you forgot to switch the layout;
  • replacement of keys for switching and changing the language;
  • translation of Russian text into transliteration (sometimes a very useful option, for example, when instead of Russian letters your interlocutor sees hieroglyphs);
  • notifying the user about changing the layout (not only by sound, but also graphically);
  • the ability to customize templates for automatic replacement of text when typing (i.e. the program can be 'trained');
  • sound notification about switching layouts and typing;
  • correction of gross typos.

To summarize, the program can be given a solid four. Unfortunately, it has one drawback: it has not been updated for a long time, and, for example, in the new Windows 10, errors often start to 'pour in' (although some users have no problems in Windows 10, so here, as you are lucky) …

Arum Switcher

A very skillful and simple program for quickly correcting text that you typed in the wrong layout (it cannot switch on the fly!). On the one hand, the utility is convenient, on the other hand, it may seem to many not so functional: there is no automatic recognition of the typed text, which means that in any case you have to use the 'manual' mode.

On the other hand, not in all cases and not always it is necessary to immediately switch the layout, sometimes it even interferes when you want to type something non-standard. In any case, if you were not satisfied with the previous utilities, try this one (it gets bored, for sure, less).

Arum Switcher settings.

Arum Switcher settings.

By the way, I cannot fail to note one unique feature of the program, which is not found in analogues. When 'incomprehensible' characters in the form of hieroglyphs or question marks appear on the clipboard, in most cases this utility can correct them and when you paste the text, it will be in its normal form. Isn't it convenient ?!

Anetto Layout


An old enough program for switching keyboard layouts and changing the text in the buffer, and the latter you can see how it will look (see the example below in the screenshot). Those. you can choose not only to change the language, but also the case of letters, do you agree that it is sometimes very useful?

2016-06-04 20_34_49-Anetto layout

Due to the fact that the program has not been updated for quite a long time, new versions Windows may have compatibility problems. For example, the utility worked on my laptop, but it did not work with all the features (there was no auto-switching, the rest of the options worked). So, I can recommend it to those who have old PCs with old software, but to the rest, I think it will not work …

On this I have everything today, all successful and fast typing. Good luck!

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