Antiviruses that least of all affect the operation of other applications and do not slow down the Internet

An easy way to protect your computer from malware is to install an antivirus. However, security software often prevents some system applications from installing and working properly. Resource-intensive antiviruses can restrict access to the Internet.

Antiviruses that least of all affect the operation of other applications and do not slow down the Internet

AVIRA Antivirus Pro

Avira is a multi-component antivirus. Antivirus signatures are regularly updated, which allows you to check the operating system for malware in real time.

Other Avira features:

  • protection of financial and personal details;
  • checking USB-drives;
  • tracking potentially dangerous scripts on visited sites.

In the mobile application, you can create a blacklist of numbers, block your phone and protect your profile from hacking.

The user can start the scan himself or set up the automatic scan schedule. Avira recognizes and quarantines ransomware, Trojans, worms, rootkits, adware, botnets.

Antivirus can recover corrupted files. Avira is equipped with a self-defense system that prevents malware from deactivating it.

NORTON Security Deluxe

Norton is available for Windows, MacOC, Android and iOS. If you buy a license for multiple devices, you can configure protection through a single control panel.

Antivirus provides multi-level device protection. Antivirus module blocks attacks and potentially dangerous sites. If a malicious file enters the system, Norton detects and removes it.

The antivirus has a firewall and spam filter that can be built into Microsoft Outlook to protect incoming emails.

Thanks to the optimized kernel, Norton does not slow down system boot, does not affect the work with archives, and only slows down file operations by 16%.

Antiviruses that least of all affect the operation of other applications and do not slow down the Internet


Kaspersky Anti-Virus provides comprehensive computer protection:

  • monitors incoming Internet traffic;
  • checks incoming emails;
  • scans operating system files in real time;
  • automatically updates anti-virus databases.

Additional functions:

  • parental control (prohibition of visiting sites of certain categories);
  • blocking spam and phishing attacks;
  • preservation of confidential information.

The latest versions have new features: fighting keyloggers, unwanted changes in the system configuration and creating a boot disk to restore the system partition of the hard drive.

Antivirus can run on computers with low resources and does not affect Internet access.

PANDA Antivirus Pro

By purchasing an antivirus license, the user receives technical support from the developer by phone or email.

Panda knows how to control applications, allowing only known and trusted applications to run. To ensure that only the user controls the download of applications, you need to change the settings.

One of the anti-virus modules is a full-fledged firewall. Its functions: blocking vulnerable software ports of the computer, control of incoming Internet traffic.

The 'Wi-Fi Monitor' component evaluates the security level of the wireless networks available for connection. In addition, Panda antivirus is able to hide the combination of pressed keys on the keyboard so that attackers do not gain access to passwords and other user data.

AVAST Internet Security

Antivirus supports the concept of multi-layered defense systems against cyber attacks.

The Wi-Fi Checker component determines the security of wired and wireless networks and devices connected to them. A password manager is responsible for keeping them safe and synchronized. The online protection module blocks tracking scripts on visited sites, ad units and services that collect statistics on user actions on the network.

Avast has its own browser through which you can securely transfer and receive money online. Also, the antivirus has tools for restoring the system after a successful cyber attack and a module for safely updating applications.

Avast speeds up and optimizes the operating system.


F-SECURE Safe has the most effective anti-virus protection module.

The spam filter cannot be configured and its functionality is limited. The antivirus uses a firewall built into Windows.

“Parental Control” allows you to use the device on a schedule and blocks sites in 14 categories. At the same time, content filtering is supported only by the Secure Safe Browser – other browsers are blocked.

The main advantages of F-SECURE Safe:

  • low requirements for the hardware of the devices;
  • the ability to manage antivirus through a web portal;
  • support for multiple devices with different operating systems.

Antivirus is available on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS.

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