An easy way to download a Youtube video to your computer or phone

Often YouTube videos are required for use in other works: presentations, cuts, research, or to watch later, or the video will soon be deleted, but for some reason it will be needed someday. This article will show you how to download Youtube videos quickly and easily.

An easy way to download a Youtube video to your computer or phone

Downloading the video to your computer

The fastest and easiest way to download videos is to interact with Internet services. All services are basically similar in their toolkit, but some have successfully stood the test of time.

The first of the veterans of such sites, it provides users with the easiest download option. Action plan on this site:

  1. Open the selected video.
  2. Add letters ss to the browser bar with the address before youtube.
  3. Press the ENTER button. The browser will immediately direct you to the download window, where the address will already be in the corresponding line.
  4. Select the video extension and quality and approve the download.
  5. The video will automatically start downloading. also has a browser extension. This property adds a download button under the video interface.

Supported browsers – Firefox, Opera and a browser from Yandex. The most convenient way to work with Opera. To work with Chrome, you first need to install the Chameleon add-on.


The operation of this site is similar to the previous one. The only difference is that before the word youtube you need to insert the letters vd, which will redirect you to the VDYouTube site.


The work here is the same as in the previous ones, you just need to replace the letters at the beginning with the word magic between you and tube, and the browser will switch to the site with a download link.


Free, uncomplicated and convenient tool for copying videos from Youtube without bans. The site allows you to work without registration and waiting in line.

To download a video, you need to install on your computer the program that you get from the main Video-from site.

The principle of action is as follows:

  1. Look for a link to the video and copy it to the video content page.
  2. Move the received link to the downloaded program.

Also, if the program is already installed, then upload it in the same way as on, only after the 'www' you need to add 'fv'. Then there is a transfer to the site where you can install the program, or, if it is already installed, the download occurs immediately.

The title of the video and a frame from it are displayed in the program window. Below you can select the desired download quality. The 'Download' button will allow you to save the video to your computer (select the location where you want to save in the 'Save to' category).

Other extensions

There are other plugins for downloading videos as well. They usually work in a similar way.

Download video to your phone or to Android

On a smartphone, it is better to look for an extension on third-party sites, but you need to be careful about which download file is taken. Google prohibits phone users from downloading videos. Of course, the video can be downloaded to a PC and then sent to the phone.


This application allows you to search for any video and download the results found to your device Android.

Does not limit the choice of video quality, and can also configure additional options.


The tool downloads the video directly to the phone, to the SD card. The interface resembles a regular browser; a special green button has been created for downloading.

There are also no restrictions on the choice of quality, various extensions are available, portable for any android compatible with the application. Loading takes place in a matter of seconds.

Youtube downloader

Today it is the most popular application for downloading videos from Youtube. The program has been working since 2006 and is still being improved for the sake of user convenience.

Allows you to download and convert any recordings for viewing without the Internet at any convenient time.

The application is easy to use. You only need:

  1. Download and run the application.
  2. Copy the link from the address bar and paste it into the application.
  3. Click on 'download'.

Allows you to download videos in any format: MP4, MKV, up to 8K, WEBM, and MP3. Convert downloaded to MP4, AVI and MP3.

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