Agony uncensored will still appear on Steam


First-person horror film Agony was released in May this year, and now its 'adult' version is being prepared for release.

Earlier, Poland's Madmind Studio planned to release additional content as an update, but in June announced its cancellation for financial and technical reasons.

Apparently, the project was still given the green light as a standalone game: the Agony UNRATED page appeared on Steam, which is scheduled for release on October 31st. The cost of the game is currently not specified.

It is curious that the developer and publisher is not Madmind itself, but its head Tomasz Dutkiewicz.

It should be noted that Agony was not successful either from the press (46 points on Metacritic) or from the players (46% of positive reviews on Steam). Let's see if an extra dose of eroticism and cruelty can raise interest in the game.

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