Adblock does not block ads, what should I do?

adblock does not block ads Hello.

Today's post would like to devote to advertising on the Internet. I think not one of the users dislikes pop-ups, redirects to other sites, opening tabs, etc. To get rid of this scourge, there is an excellent plug-in for all types of Adblock browsers, but it sometimes fails. In this article I would like to focus on the cases when Adblock does not block ads.


1. Alternative program

The first thing that comes to mind is to try an alternative ad blocking program rather than just a browser plugin. One of the best of its kind (in my opinion) is Adguard . If you haven't tried it, be sure to check it out.


2014-04-21 19_09_46-Adguard - a program to block pop-ups and any other types of advertising You can download from the office. site:

Here is just a brief summary of her:

1) Works regardless of which browser you use;

2) Due to the fact that it blocks ads – your computer works faster, you do not need to play all sorts of flash videos that do not uselessly load the system;

3) There are parental controls, you can apply many filters.

Perhaps even for these functions, the program is worthy of trying it.

2. Is Adblock enabled?

The fact is that users themselves disable Adblock, which is why it does not block ads. To verify this: take a close look at the badge – it should be red with a white palm in the center. For example, in Google Chrome, the icon is located in the very top right corner and looks (when the plugin is enabled and working) something like the screenshot.

2014-04-21 - computer setup

In cases where it is disabled, the icon turns gray and faceless. Perhaps you did not disable the plugin – you just lost some of the settings when you refresh the browser or when installing other plugins and updates. To enable it – click on it with the left mouse button and select 'resume work' AdBlock '.

2014-04-21 - computer setup

By the way, sometimes the icon may be green – it means that this web page has been added to the white list and ads on it are not blocked. See screenshot below.

2014-04-21 - computer setup

3. How to block ads manually?

Very often, Adblock does not block ads because it cannot recognize them. The fact is that even a person is not always able to tell whether it is an advertisement or elements of a site. Often the plugin is not able to cope, so controversial elements can be skipped.

To fix this, you can manually specify the elements that you want to block on the page. For example, to do this in Google Chrome: right-click on a banner or site element that you don't like. Then select 'AdBlock – >> Block ads' from the context menu (the picture below shows an example).

Adblock does not block ads

Next, a window will pop up in front of you, in which you can adjust the degree of blocking using a moving slider. For example, I moved the slider almost to the end and only the text remained on the page … Not even a trace remained from the graphic elements of the site. Of course, I'm not a supporter of excessive advertising, but not to the same extent ?!

2014-04-21 - computer setup


I myself am quite calm about most advertising. I do not like only ads that redirect to incomprehensible sites or open new tabs. Everything else – even interesting to know news, popular products, etc.

That's all, good luck to everyone …

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