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ad blocking software Good afternoon.

Probably many users are already fed up with intrusive advertising on many sites: we are, of course, talking about pop-up windows; auto-redirecting browser to adult resources; opening additional tabs, etc. To avoid all this, there are special programs for blocking ads (by the way, there are also special browser plugins). The program, as a rule, is more convenient than a plugin: it works in all browsers at once, it has more filters, it is more reliable.

And so, perhaps, let's start our review …

1) AdGuard

2014-04-22 09_09_56-Adguard - a program to block pop-ups and any other types of advertising Download from the official. site:

I have already mentioned this interesting program in one of the articles. Thanks to it, you will get rid of any pop-up teasers (in more detail about them), forget about pop-up windows, about some opening tabs, etc. By the way, judging by the statements of the developers, video advertising on youtube, which is inserted in front of many videos, will also be blocked (I checked it myself, there seems to be no advertising, but the point may be that it was not originally in all the videos). Learn more about AdGuard here.

2) AdFender

2014-04-22 09_39_20-AdFender - The Ultimate Ad Blocker Of. website:

Free program for blocking Internet ads. It works very quickly and does not load the system, unlike the same AdBlock (plugin for the browser, if someone does not know).

This program has a minimum of settings. After installation, go to the filters section and select 'Russian'. Apparently, the program contains settings and filters for our Internet segment …

2014-04-22 09_32_41-AdFender

After that, you can open any browser: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, even Yandex browser is supported, and calmly browse Internet pages. 90-95 percent of ads will be removed and you will not see them.


It should be admitted that the program is not able to filter part of the advertising. And yet, if you turn off the program and then turn it on again, and you do not restart the browser, then it will not work. Those. first turn on the program, and then the browser. Here is such an unpleasant pattern …

3) Ad Muncher


2014-04-22 09_45_03-Ad Muncher - Download Not a bad program for blocking banners, teasers, pop-ups, ad inserts, etc.

It works, surprisingly, fast enough, and by the way, in all browsers. After installing it, you can forget about it altogether, it will register itself in startup and will not remind you of itself in any way (the only thing, on blocked places with ads, there may be notes about blocking).


First, the program is shareware, although it is provided for 30 days free of charge for testing. And secondly, if you take a paid one, then AdGuard is better – it cuts out Russian advertising much cleaner. AdMuncher no, no, and it will miss something …


After going through the network, I found 5-6 more programs to block. But there is one big 'BUT' – they either work in old OS Windows 2000 XP, and refused to start on Windows 8 (for example, AdShield) – or if they started as Super Ad Blocker – then the results of the work are not visible, advertising as it was and remained … Therefore, I finish this review on three programs, each of which can be successfully used today on new OS. It's a pity that only one of them is free …

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