Activision Blizzard shares fell in price after disastrous announcement


At Blizzcon, November 2-3, Blizzard announced the action RPG Diablo Immortal for mobile.

Players, to put it mildly, did not accept the announced game: the official Diablo Immortal videos are filled with dislikes, angry messages are written on the forums, and at Blizzcon itself, the announcement was greeted with a buzz, whistle and the question of one of the visitors: 'Is this a belated April Fool's joke?

However, the announcement of Diablo Immortal, apparently, negatively affected not only the reputation of the publisher in the eyes of players and the press, but also on the financial situation. It is reported that the value of shares of Activision Blizzard fell 7% by Monday.

Blizzard representatives admitted that they expected a negative reaction to the new game, but did not think that it would be so strong. Although the publisher previously stated that it was working on several projects at once in the Diablo universe, and made it clear that Diablo 4 was not worth waiting for at Blizzcon, this was not enough to prepare the audience for the announcement of Immortal.

Maybe this failure will push Blizzard to disclose information about another game in development in the near future?

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