A selection of the best password managers

The average user spends a lot of time entering logins and passwords and filling out all kinds of web forms. In order not to get confused in dozens and hundreds of passwords and save time on authorizations and entering personal information on different sites, it is convenient to use a password manager. When working with such programs, you will have to remember one master password, and all the rest will be under reliable cryptographic protection and always at hand.


  • Best password managers
    • KeePass Password Safe
    • RoboForm
    • eWallet
    • LastPass
    • 1Password
    • DashLane
    • Scarabey
    • Other programs

Best password managers

In this ranking, we tried to consider the best password managers. Most of them are free to use, but you usually have to pay to access additional features.

KeePass Password Safe

KeePass Password Safe Password Manager Interface

Undisputedly the best utility to date

KeePass Manager has consistently ranked # 1. Encryption is performed using the AES-256 algorithm, which is traditional for such programs, however, it is easy to strengthen the encryption by multi-pass key transformation. Hacking KeePass using brute-force is nearly impossible. Considering the extraordinary capabilities of the utility, it is not surprising that it has many followers: a number of programs use KeePass databases and code fragments, some copy functionality.

Help: KeePass ver. 1.x works only under OS of the family Windows. Ver 2.x is multiplatform, works through .NET Framework with Windows, Linux, Mac OS X. Password databases are backward incompatible, however, there is an export / import option.

Key information, benefits:

  • encryption algorithm: AES-256;
  • multi-pass key encryption function (additional protection against brute-force);
  • access by master password;
  • open source (GPL 2.0);
  • platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, portable;
  • database synchronization (local media, including flash drives, Dropbox and others).

There are KeePass clients for many other platforms: iOS, Blackberry, WM Classic, J2ME, Android, Windows Phone 7 (see the KeePass website for a complete list).

A number of third-party programs use KeePass password databases (for example, KeePass X for Linux and Mac OS X). KyPass (iOS) can work with KeePass databases directly through the 'cloud' (Dropbox).


  • There is no backward compatibility of 2.x databases with 1.x (however, there is a possibility to import / export from one version to another).

Cost: Free

Official website: keepass.info


RoboForm program interface

A very serious tool, besides, it is free for individuals

Automatic form filling program on web pages and password manager. Despite the fact that the password storage function is secondary, the utility is considered one of the best password managers. Developed since 1999 by a private company Siber Systems (USA). There is a paid version, but additional features are available for free (Freemium license) for individuals.

Key features, benefits:

  • access by master password;
  • encryption by the client module (without server involvement);
  • cryptographic algorithms: AES-256 + PBKDF2, DES / 3-DES, RC6, Blowfish;
  • synchronization via the 'cloud';
  • automatic filling of electronic forms;
  • integration with all popular browsers: IE, Opera, Firefox, Chrome / Chromium, Safari, SeaMonkey, Flock;
  • the ability to run from a 'flash drive';
  • backup;
  • data can be stored online in a secure storage RoboForm Online;
  • Supported Platforms: Windows, iOS, MacOS, Linux, Android.

Cost: Free (under a Freemium license)

Official site: roboform.com/ru


EWallet program

eWallet is very convenient for users of online banking services, but the application is paid

The first paid manager of passwords and other confidential information from our rating. There are desktop versions for Mac and Windows, as well as clients for a number of mobile platforms (for Android – in development, current version: view only). Despite some drawbacks, the password storage function does an excellent job. Convenient for payments via the Internet and other online banking operations.

Key information, benefits:

  • developer: Ilium Software;
  • encryption: AES-256;
  • optimization for online banking;
  • Supported platforms: Windows, MacOS, a number of mobile platforms (iOS, BlackBerry and others).


  • data storage in the 'cloud' is not provided, only on local media;
  • synchronization between two PCs is only manual.

Synchronization Mac OS X -> iOS via WiFi and iTunes; Win -> WM Classic: via ActiveSync; Win -> BlackBerry: via BlackBerry Desktop.

Cost: platform dependent (Windows and macOS: from $ 9.99)

Official website: iliumsoft.com/ewallet


LastPass app interface

Compared to competing applications, it is quite large

As with most other managers, access is provided with a master password. Despite the advanced functionality, the program is free, although there is also a paid premium version. Convenient storage of passwords and form data, use of cloud technologies, works with PCs and mobile devices (with the latter – through a browser).

Key information and benefits:

  • Developer: Joseph Siegrist, LastPass;
  • cryptography: AES-256;
  • plugins for major browsers (IE, Safari, Maxthon, Firefox, Chrome / Chromium, Microsoft Edge) and a java-script bookmarklet for other browsers;
  • mobile access via a browser;
  • the ability to maintain a digital archive;
  • convenient synchronization between devices and browsers;
  • quick access to passwords and other account data;
  • flexible settings for functionality and graphical interface;
  • using the 'cloud' (storage LastPass);
  • shared access to the database of passwords and data of Internet forms.


  • not the smallest size compared to competing software (about 16 MB);
  • potential privacy threat when stored in the cloud.

Cost: free, there is a premium version (from $ 2 / month) and a business version

Official website: lastpass.com/ru


1Password password manager interface

The most expensive app in the review

One of the best, but quite expensive password and other confidential information manager for Mac, PC Windows and mobile devices. Data can be stored in the cloud and locally. The virtual vault is protected by a master password, like most other password managers.

Key information and benefits:

  • developer: AgileBits;
  • cryptography: PBKDF2, AES-256;
  • language: multilingual support;
  • Supported platforms: MacOS (from Sierra), Windows (from Windows 7), cross-platform solution (browser plugins), iOS (from 11), Android (from 5.0);
  • sync: Dropbox (all versions of 1Password), WiFi (MacOS / iOS), iCloud (iOS).


  • not supported Windows until Windows 7 (in this case, you should use a browser extension);
  • high price.

Cost: 30-day trial, paid version: from $ 39.99 (Windows) and from $ 59.99 (MacOS)

Download link (Windows, MacOS, browser extensions, mobile platforms): 1password.com/downloads/


DashLane Utility Interface

Not the most famous program in the Russian segment of the Web

Password manager + automatic form filling on websites + secure digital wallet. Not the most famous program of this class on the Runet, but quite popular in the English-speaking segment of the network. All user data is automatically stored in a secure online storage. Works, like most similar programs, with a master password.

Key information and benefits:

  • developer: DashLane company;
  • encryption: AES-256;
  • Supported platforms: MacOS, Windows, Android, iOS;
  • automatic authorization and filling out forms on web pages;
  • password generator + weak combination detector;
  • function of changing all passwords at the same time in one click;
  • multilingual support;
  • it is possible to work with several accounts at the same time;
  • secure backup / restore / synchronization;
  • synchronization of an unlimited number of devices on different platforms;
  • two-level authentication.


  • Lenovo Yoga Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro may experience font display issues.

License: proprietary

Official website: dashlane.com/


Scarabey app interface

Password manager with the most simplified interface and the ability to run from a flash drive without installation

A compact password manager with a simple interface. Fills in web forms with login and password in one click. Allows you to enter data by simply dragging and dropping into any fields. It can work from a flash drive without installation.

Key information and benefits:

  • developer: Alnichas;
  • cryptography: AES-256;
  • Supported platforms: Windows, browser integration;
  • support for multi-user operation;
  • browser support: IE, Maxthon, Avant Browser, Netscape, Net Captor;
  • customizable password generator;
  • virtual keyboard support for protection against keyloggers;
  • no installation required when starting from a flash drive;
  • minimizes to tray with the ability to simultaneously disable automatic filling;
  • intuitive interface;
  • function of quick data viewing;
  • automatic custom backups;
  • there is a Russian version (including the Russian-language localization of the official website).


  • fewer opportunities than the leaders of the rating.

Cost: free + paid version from 695 rubles / 1 license

Download from the official website: alnichas.info/download_en.html

Other programs

It is physically impossible to list all noteworthy password managers in one overview. We talked about several of the most popular ones, but many of the analogues are in no way inferior to them. If you do not like any of the options described, pay attention to the following programs:

  • Password Boss: The level of protection of this manager is comparable to that of government and banking structures. Solid cryptographic protection is complemented by two-level authentication and authorization with SMS confirmation.
  • Sticky Password: Convenient biometric authentication password saver (mobile only).
  • Personal Passworder: Russian-language utility with 448-bit encryption using BlowFish technology.
  • True Key: A password manager from the company Intel with biometric facial authentication.

Please note that although all programs from the main list can be downloaded for free, most of them will have to pay extra for additional functionality.

If you actively use Internet banking, conduct confidential business correspondence, store important information in cloud storage, you need to ensure that all this is reliably protected. Password managers can help you with this task.

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