A selection of the best free video players for computer on Windows

Probably, almost all modern computers (except that which are not used for a purely special purpose) have at least one video player installed.

Most often, this is the default player – Windows Me dia. But, unfortunately, we have to admit that it is far from ideal, and there are programs that work much better than it. No, of course, in order to view a video – it is more than enough, but if you want to: enlarge the picture on the screen or change its proportion, turn off the computer an hour after viewing, crop the edges, watch movies on the network – then its capabilities are clearly insufficient.

In this article, we'll look at the best ones that will be useful to most users Windows.

Media Player

Download: included in the K-light codec kit

media player

In my humble opinion, this is one of the best video players for watching any format. In addition, it is included in the set of the most popular K-light codecs, and after their installation, all video files will be opened with it.


  • full support for the Russian language;
  • fast speed of work;
  • the program can easily open even a file that has not been fully downloaded;
  • support for a huge number of formats: .avi, .mpg, .wmv, .mp4, .divx, and others;
  • the ability to fit the screen picture so that there are no 'black bars' on the sides.


  • not found.

VLC media player

Download: videolan.org

video lan

This player is almost indispensable if you decide to watch videos over the network. In this regard, he is the best! For example, in a recent article, it was used to eliminate 'brakes' in the SopCast program.

However, it is quite good at opening ordinary video files.


  • very fast speed of work;
  • support for all modern OS Windows: Vista, 7, 8;
  • perfectly supports network mode: you can watch from the Internet, broadcast yourself if you have a tuner;
  • completely Russian and free.


Download: kmplayer.com


This option deserves special attention. In addition to the steel bells and whistles that were in the previous presented video players – this one has built-in codecs. That is, after downloading and installing KMPlayer, you can open and view most of the popular formats. Moreover, no codecs are needed in your system.

In addition, on some computers, you may notice that the video picture is better and brighter. It probably has anti-aliasing filters. I will make a reservation right away that I personally did not notice a significant load on the computer, it works quickly.

I would also like to note the beautiful design, as well as its convenience: you can easily master all the basic settings in 3-5 minutes.

Another very handy thing: the player, after going through the first episode of the series, will automatically open the second one. You don't even have to do a few mouse movements and open the next video once again.

Gom media player

Download: player.gomlab.com/ru/download

Gom media player

Despite its name (in a way, provocative), the program is not bad, I would even say – better than most competitors!

The mere fact that 43 million people use it around the world speaks volumes!

It has as many options as other options: screen capture, audio capture, video playback speed control, etc.

Add to this one interesting feature: Gom Player can independently find the codec and download it to your PC – and you can easily open the file that does not open. Thanks to this, Gom Player can even open files with broken and incorrect structure!

Light alloy

Download: light-alloy.ru/download

Light alloy

An excellent lightweight video player entirely in Russian.

Add to this the built-in codecs for the most popular formats, the ability to control using the remote control (very convenient), the ability to watch videos via the Internet, as well as search for various radio stations!

And above all – full Blu-Ray and DVD support!


Download: bsplayer.com/bsplayer-russian/download.html

2014-03-03 22_32_14-www.bsplayer.com - Yandex

It was impossible not to include this player in our review! More than 90 million users all over the world use it by default for playing files.

Its main advantage, I would call it unpretentiousness to system resources – thanks to which, you can play HD DVD even on computers with a weak processor!

There is nothing to say about steel bells and whistles: support for more than 70 languages, search and playback of subtitles, support for more than 50 formats of various video and audio formats, a bunch of possibilities for scaling and adjusting the screen picture, etc.

Recommended for review!

This concludes the report. By the way, what player do you use?

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