A game bug occurred at the Dota 2 DreamLeague Major


In the match between the Russian team Virtus.pro and representatives of the Asian team Fnatic, a bug in the game decided the outcome of the battle.

On the 16th minute of the match, a teamfight took place on the top between T1 towers from Dire and Radiant, in which Virtus.pro's carry RAMZES666, playing on Weaver, managed to win the Time Lapse ult, but did not get the desired effect from it.

The ability worked, and even went on a cooldown, but the character did not regain the spent health. Soon the commentator Vladimir Maelstorm Kuzminov explained why this could happen. In his twitter, Vladimir drew attention to the battle logs, in which Weaver was already dead at the moment, while he was still visually on the map. Time Lapse was applied to the deceased character and did not work as it should.

As a result, the Virtus.pro team lost in the Fnatic series and went to the lower bracket of the tournament.

Maelstorm explains the bug

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