9 Google Drive features that make it a great companion

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No cloud storage can compete with Google Drive in terms of the number of different useful 'tricks'. Check out 9 features that make this service a great helper in your daily and work tasks.

9 Google Drive features that make it a great companion

Scan documents quickly

The Android – application provides a useful scanning function, thanks to which you can save important documents, receipts, business cards and other pieces of paper in PDF format.

The program automatically trims blank edges and lightens the background to make the text more contrast and readable. You can use the crop function to manually select the desired area.

Saving web pages

With a custom extension, you can store entire web pages in the repository. Possible formats in which you can do this are HTML, MHT, PDF. You can also take a screenshot or convert the page to GoogleDocs.

Startup and sync

This feature allows you to work with the same data from different devices. In this case, all changes will be automatically saved and synchronized.

In other words, all actions with files that you performed on your smartphone will be displayed on your laptop, tablet and other linked devices.

Multicolored folders

To make it easier to navigate the array of files, the virtual Disk interface provides an option to select the folder color.

That is, you will not need to read the title. You can easily understand by color which folder contains which data, which, you see, is very convenient.

Converting files

All uploaded documents can be automatically converted to Google Docs. Firstly, in this form they 'weigh' less, and secondly, they are more convenient to view and edit.

The storage also has a built-in CloudConvert converter. Thanks to it, you can change the formats of text documents, images and audio files.

File encryption

If you are going to store some very important documents or personal information on Google Drive that you would like to hide from prying eyes, you can always encrypt your data using the Secure File Encryption add-on.

Thus, no one will be able to view and download documents without knowing the password you invented.

If you have a huge amount of data stored on your virtual disk, you will surely appreciate the smart search function. It is enough to enter a word or a key phrase into the search bar, and the program itself will find all documents, in the title or content of which there is something similar.

In order to narrow down the list of found files, you can use additional parameters. Google Drive can also find photos and PDFs by text in an image. You can even find pictures to describe the content (food, nature, and so on). You can also filter documents by formats for easy search.

Share files and folders

You can share your files and folders with other users. The 'Open Access' function will help with this. The files can be opened for everyone who has a link, or for specific people (for this you need to specify their gmail addresses).

You can open access exclusively for viewing files, and you can allow editing them. In the latter case, all changes made by someone in the documents will be saved and displayed for you. If you suddenly don't like something, you can always 'roll back' the document to its original state, because the entire history of changes is saved.

IFTTT function

IFTTT is a dedicated web service that allows Google Drive to interact with various interfaces. It is a set of algorithms ('recipes') that allow you, for example, to automatically save photos from Instagram to Disk, YouTube videos, and so on.

You can use the built-in 'recipes' or create your own algorithms for Drive's interaction with the resources that you use most often.

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