8 powerful add-ons to surf safely in Chrome

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The Google Chrome online store contains thousands of useful extensions. Applications that provide safe and private surfing on the Internet deserve special attention.

Adblock plus

8 powerful add-ons to surf safely in Chrome

Probably every browser user has heard about the AdBlock Plus add-on. The application blocks the display of ads in the form of intrusive banners, tracking scripts and pop-ups.

The service successfully performs its functions in all well-known social networks, YouTube video hosting and any other Internet resources. If desired, you can set up selective blocking, and some ad units will be displayed as usual.

AdBlock Plus warns the user about potentially dangerous sites and provides the ability to create your own list of 'bad' and 'good' addresses.

uBlock Origin

8 powerful add-ons to surf safely in Chrome

The uBlock Origin extension is an advanced analogue of AdBlock Plus. The application will appeal to advanced Internet users. Thanks to the add-on, it is possible to independently configure the blocking for each page.

The inconvenience of using uBlock Origin is the lack of default settings and automatic mode. If you don't want to delve into the intricacies of the settings, then it is better to choose a simpler application.


8 powerful add-ons to surf safely in Chrome

Provides surfing privacy by hiding cookies and preventing unwanted scripts from running. The user is provided with a detailed report on all page actions, supplemented by a list of blocked tracking.

After analyzing the data provided, you can at your discretion weaken or strengthen the protection. An increased level of privacy is achieved through the special Enhanced Anti Tracking feature. When activated, all user data is completely anonymized.

Disconnect Private Browsing

8 powerful add-ons to surf safely in Chrome

Disconnect Private Browsing is an analogue of Ghostery, designed to ensure privacy. Its functions include blocking site scripts and limiting the collection of visitor data.

Additional feature Disconnect Private Browsing – protection from potentially dangerous applications and annoying ads. The Secure Wi-Fi option is designed to reliably protect your home computer network.

Privacy Badger

8 powerful add-ons to surf safely in Chrome

An add-on that blocks adware and other scripts that are automatically launched when you visit a website. Unlike the applications described above, Privacy Badger is designed for advanced users and allows for precise, detailed configuration.


8 powerful add-ons to surf safely in Chrome

This is an extension for storing passwords from various portals. Installation is available on all operating systems, including Android and iOS. LastPass can generate one universal super password and store all information on your local computer.

The program not only automatically fills in the 'Login' and 'Password' forms, but also allows the user to share access with other people: on an ongoing basis or for a short period of time.


8 powerful add-ons to surf safely in Chrome

Blur app is another password generator. A handy add-on feature is email masking to avoid mailbox spam attacks and provide increased privacy.


8 powerful add-ons to surf safely in Chrome

TunnelBear VPN extension has two main options: bypassing blocking of some portals with the ability to quickly enter and protecting the guest's personal data from leakage to third parties. Such an application is relevant for frequent use of public networks.

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