8 interesting films that show how dangerous the Internet can be


It is difficult to imagine modern reality without the Internet: here people meet, communicate, work, study and learn something new. But his constant presence in life can give a negative result. Here are the films that prove it.


8 interesting films that show how dangerous the Internet can be

A psychological thriller about a popular online game that is broadcast to 'anonymous watchers' for a fee. The quiet student, yielding to the persuasion of her classmates, discovers the virtual world and falls under total control.

Participants must complete tasks of varying complexity that other users come up with for them. For this, you can get substantial cash prizes.

Vip shows courage and in one of the rounds he meets an experienced participant Ian. The couple liked the observers, so they decided that now the young people will play together.

The stakes are increasing, and the tasks are getting crazier. After a while, the main character realizes that it is not so easy to get out of the maelstrom of dangerous assignments of her own free will. After all, players are pawns in the hands of mysterious users.


8 interesting films that show how dangerous the Internet can be

Mae Holland takes a job at Sphere, an Internet corporation run by social media guru Aimon Bailey. The girl understands that this is a great success. It has wellness facilities, comfortable accommodation, cutting-edge technology, gyms with exercise equipment and even parties at its disposal.

The heroine starts an affair with her colleague Calden. It soon became known that Mei could not find out anything about the young man. All information remains secret: what is his name, who he is and what he does.

The strange acquaintance coincides with the introduction of new cameras that the corporation has created. They expose the user's life at a glance. Soon, the girl will also have to wear this device.

Death online

8 interesting films that show how dangerous the Internet can be

Young student Elizabeth Bentonne imagines her life without social media. While chatting with friends and strangers, the girl accidentally witnesses a murder. The police are in no rush to accept the worried Elizabeth's statement. After all, you can stumble upon anything on the net.

Perhaps this is a merciless prank disguised as quasi-sadism. But the heroine is sure that everything happened for real. Soon there was evidence of the reality of what happened.

She receives threats and close friends start to disappear. Elizabeth is at a loss. The film will provide an adrenaline rush and an unexpected ending.

Remove from friends

8 interesting films that show how dangerous the Internet can be

A sad event takes place in one of the districts of California. Schoolgirl Laura Barns committed suicide after a video with her participation appeared on the network. A large number of users could see a girl at a party under defamatory circumstances and in an indecent form. Because of this, Laura decided to give up her life.

A year later, her classmates – lovers Mitchie Blair – decide to chat on Skype with four friends. Their correspondence was suddenly joined by a stranger with the nickname 'Billy227'. The teenagers thought that this was due to a network failure, but the uninvited interlocutor purposefully writes to friends.

His goal is to find out who published the scandalous video with the deceased Laura on the Internet. It seems to the guys that you can stop virtual communication by leaving the chat, but this is an illusion.

Ingrid travels west

8 interesting films that show how dangerous the Internet can be

The mentally unstable girl Ingrid is obsessed with the glamorous life. She obsessively follows social media star Taylor Slooney admires the 'perfect' reality that is on display – travel, cozy home, lots of friends, partying.

Having inherited a large amount of money, Ingrid travels to Los Angeles to fulfill her dream of a beautiful life. For the sake of meeting with the idol, the heroine comes up with a crazy plan that works – the girl finds herself in a star account and gains subscribers.

Soon Ingrid notices that the glamorous life is far from ideal. But that doesn't stop her.

Kill for like

8 interesting films that show how dangerous the Internet can be

Sadia McKale's high school friends have chosen a strange and bloody hobby. The girls have a video blog where they cover all the crimes that happened in their small 'sleepy' town. True, they are committed by the schoolgirls themselves.

The blog is not successful – only spambots like it. And friends want to become legends, leaving their mark on history. For the sake of a dream, they kidnap a local assassin to share his experience and become their mentor.

The thirst for popularity pushes heroes to new bloody crimes and tests friendship. This story perfectly combines nightmares and humor with an original plot.


8 interesting films that show how dangerous the Internet can be

Dramatic thriller from the creator of the popular movie 'The Ring'. The action takes place on Internet sites where people who are prone to depression, dissatisfied with life and even mentally ill teenagers communicate.

The viewer is presented with a chat in the form of a hotel, which consists of rooms where anyone can enter for communication. There are a lot of similar 'rooms' on the Internet, but each with its own characteristics.

A group of four teens spend their evenings chatting and interacting with different people. The guys get to know the charismatic William, who attracts them. They don't even know that they will become the next victims with whom they can start a game of cat and mouse.

Cyber ​​terror

8 interesting films that show how dangerous the Internet can be

At the center of an action-packed detective is a teenage girl Casey, who decided to take revenge on ex-boyfriend Nathan by hacking into his Twitter account. Because the young man told her secret to friends, which is very traumatic for the girl. She turns to an anonymous hacker for help and does not even know that she will soon become a victim of online harassment.

A mysterious burglar suddenly begins to act against Casey, blackmailing her and threatening to publish candid photos of the girl online. Now the heroine is forced to make concessions to the hacker.

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