8 best music players

One of the main programs installed on almost any home computer is, of course, music players. It is difficult to imagine a modern computer that lacks the tools and means to play audio mp3 files.

In this article, we will consider the most popular ones, touch on the pros and cons, and briefly summarize.


AIMP player

A relatively new music player that immediately gained great popularity among users.

Below are the main features:

  • Huge number of supported audio / video file formats: .CDA, .AAC, .AC3, .APE, .DTS, .FLAC, .IT, .MIDI, .MO3, .MOD, .M4A, .M4B, .MP1, .MP2 , .MP3, .MPC, .MTM, .OFR, .OGG, .OPUS, .RMI, .S3M, .SPX, .TAK, .TTA, .UMX, .WAV, .WMA, .WV, .XM.
  • Multiple audio output modes: DirectSound / ASIO / WASAPI / WASAPI Exclusive.
  • 32-bit audio track processing.
  • Equalizer + customized modes for the most popular genres of music: pop, techno, rap, rock and more.
  • Support for multiple playlists.
  • Fast speed of work.
  • Convenient multiplayer mode.
  • Several languages, including Russian.
  • Customization and support of hot keys.
  • Convenient search in open playlists.
  • Bookmarking and more.


Winamp Player Interface

The legendary program, probably included in all the ratings of the best, is installed on every second home PC.

Key features:

  • Support for a huge number of audio and video files.
  • A library of your files on your computer.
  • Convenient search for audio files.
  • Equalizer, bookmarks, playlists.
  • Support for numerous modules.
  • Hotkeys, etc.

Among the shortcomings, we can single out (especially in the latest versions) freezes and brakes that periodically occur on some PCs. However, this often happens through the fault of the users themselves: they install various covers, visual images, plugins that significantly load the system.

Foobar 2000

Foobar 2000 player

An excellent and fast player that will work on all the most popular OS Windows: 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8.

Most of all, I am glad that it is made in the style of minimalism, at the same time it has great functionality. Here you will find lists with playlists, support for a large number of music file formats, a convenient tag editor, and low resource consumption! This is perhaps one of the best qualities: after the gluttony of WinAmp with its brakes – this program turns everything upside down!

Another thing worth mentioning is that many players do not support DVD Audi o, and Foobar does a great job with it!

Also, more and more lossless disk images appear on the network, which Foobar 2000 opens without installing any add-ons and plugins!


XMplay program interface

Audio player with a wide variety of functions. Handles all common multimedia files well: OGG, MP3, MP2, MP1, WMA, WAV, MO3. There is good support for playlists created even in other programs!

The player's arsenal also has support for various skins: some of them you can download on the developer's website. The software can be customized as you like – it can become unrecognizable!

What's important: XMplay neatly integrates into the explorer context menu, making it easy and quick to launch any track you want.

Among the shortcomings, one can single out a high resource requirement if the tool is heavily loaded with various skins and add-ons. The rest is a good player, which will appeal to a good half of users. By the way, it is most popular in the Western market, in Russia, everyone is used to using other programs.

jet Audi o Basic

Jet interface Audi o Media Center

At first acquaintance, the program seemed too cumbersome (38MB, versus 3MB Foobar). But the number of possibilities that the player gives is simply amazing for an unprepared user …

Here you have a library with support for searching in any field of a music file, an equalizer, support for a huge number of formats, ratings and ratings for files, etc.

Installing such a monster is recommended for great music lovers, or those who lack the standard capabilities of smaller programs. As a last resort, if the reproduced sound in other players does not suit you – try installing jet Audi o Basic, perhaps by applying a bunch of filters and smoothers you will achieve an excellent result!


Foobnix program

This music player is not as famous as the previous ones, but it has several undeniable advantages.

Firstly, CUE support, and secondly, support for converting a file from one format to another: mp3, ogg, mp2, ac3, m4a, wav! Third, you can find and download music online!

Well, there is no need to talk about a standard set like an equalizer, hot keys, CD covers and other information. Now it is in all self-respecting players.

By the way, this program can integrate with the VKontakte social network, and from there you can download music, watch friends' music.

Windows Me adia

Built into the operating system

Player Windows Me dia

A well-known player, about which one could not but say a few words. Many people dislike him for his bulkiness and clumsiness. Also, the early versions of it could not be called convenient, it is thanks to this that other tools developed.

Currently Windows Me dia can play all popular audio and video file formats. You can burn a disc of your favorite songs, or vice versa, copy it to your hard drive.

The player is a kind of harvester – ready for the most popular tasks. If you don't listen to music so often – maybe you don't need third-party programs for listening to music, is Windows Me dia enough?


STP player

A very small program, but which could not be ignored! The main advantages of this player: high speed, works minimized in the taskbar and does not distract you, setting up hot keys (you can switch the track while in any applications or games).

Also, as in many other players of this kind, there is an equalizer, lists, playlists. By the way, you can also edit tags using hotkeys! In general, one of the best programs for lovers of minimalism and switching audio files by pressing any two buttons! Mainly focused on supporting mp3 files.

Here I tried to describe in detail the advantages and disadvantages of popular players. How to use, you decide! Good luck!

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