7 ways to make a smartphone stand out of stationery clips


The stationery clip for paper has long been used not only in the office, but also in everyday life. One of the non-standard solutions is the manufacture of a smartphone stand.

How to make a stand for a smartphone from stationery clips with your own hands – methods with video instructions

All options for using binders as coasters are very practical. They will help the owner of the smartphone to comfortably watch videos, read, and also carry out static shooting. Clips of different sizes are used to create a retainer, but most often they are large. There are both the simplest ways to secure the phone and quite intricate ones.

Sometimes auxiliary materials are used, such as rubber bands or paper. Additional precautions are recommended for some stand versions:

  • To prevent the metal binder ear from scratching the phone, you can use insulation removed from the wires. To do this, you need to disassemble the clamp. Disassembled paper clip
  • A simpler option is to make a tight winding of this bow with soft threads.

Simple single clip stand

To install the smartphone in a convenient position for viewing, one large binder is enough. This is the fastest way, but it cannot be called sparing.

Option of two large binders

Binders of the same size are connected together in different ways, with a practical result obtained in all cases.

Method of binders of different sizes

To make the stand, you will need one large stationery tool and one smaller one.

Using clips and rubber bands

Rubber bands for money not only additionally fasten the structure, but also prevent the smartphone from sliding. Depending on the options, you may need one or more rubber clips.

Clamp and paper method

A simple application for a large stationery clip and A4 sheet. The paper is folded several times and serves as a soft stand, and the binder is a support for the smartphone.

To fix your smartphone in a comfortable position for your eyes, you do not need to purchase a special stand. It can be quickly made with your own hands from office clips.

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