7 useful Telegram features you might not know about

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Even chatting daily with friends and colleagues via Telegram, you may not be aware of its functions that will make communication easier and safer.

7 useful Telegram features you might not know about

Login to the messenger via password

Telegram, of course, is a super secure messenger, but if you have not taken care of a secure screen lock code and have a habit of leaving your phone in a visible place, your correspondence may lose the 'Secret' label. To prevent this from happening, set a password to launch Telegram.

Open the 'Settings' menu, find the 'Privacy & Security' (or 'Privacy') section, click on the 'Passcode' item and set your own combination. Now Telegram simply cannot be opened – you will need to enter a password or put your finger on the fingerprint scanner, if your phone has one.

And for those who are worried about the security of their account, the messenger offers two-step authentication. In this case, in addition to the code from the SMS, you will need to enter the password. You can install it in the same menu section in the 'Two-step authentication' section. Do not forget to provide a valid e-mail in case the password is lost.

Free cloud storage

By clicking on the 'Favorites' item in the main Telegram menu, you will add a chat with the same name to your correspondence. Here you can upload any content (photos, videos, documents) that is visible only to you.

The size of files in this 'cloud' must not exceed 1.5 GB, but their number is not limited. There are no folders, but hashtags can be added to each download for quick searches.

Bold text and italics in messages

Although Telegram has text formatting tools, it's much faster to use special characters. To make italic, put two underlines before and after the text, wavy lines (tildes) on each side – strikethrough, two asterisks on the left and right – bold.

In these ways, you can format both single words and entire sentences.

Delayed sending messages

7 useful Telegram features you might not know about

The benefits of this feature cannot be overemphasized. With it, you will definitely not forget to congratulate your friends on their birthdays in time or send a report to your boss, even if the recipient lives in a different time zone and your schedules do not match.

To enable delayed send, type your message and hold your finger on the send button. In the menu that appears, click 'Send Later' and set the desired day and time.

After that, a clock (or calendar) symbol will appear next to the input line, clicking on which you will see all pending messages for this addressee.

Using multiple accounts

Another feature that distinguishes Telegram from many other instant messengers is the ability to use multiple accounts from one phone. To add another account, open the main menu and click on an existing one. In the menu that opens, click 'Add account' and log in in the usual way.

Switching between accounts (and adding new ones) – in the same menu.

Listening to voice messages in 'quiet' mode

Voice messages are very good on the go, when it is inconvenient to use the keyboard or it is better not to be distracted so as not to accidentally bump into the oncoming person. However, there is a risk – others may well hear something very personal.

Don't worry, Telegram has thought about it. Just place the phone to your ear and playback switches to the earpiece that only you can hear.

By the way, you can answer in the same way – bring the phone to your ear and the recording will start automatically.

Secret chats with automatic message deletion

7 useful Telegram features you might not know about

In case end-to-end encryption alone is not enough for you, Telegram offers super-secured private chats. Messages from such correspondence cannot be forwarded, and they are automatically deleted by a timer. If the interlocutor wants to take a screenshot, you will receive a notification.

For a new secret chat, click on the pencil icon. Select 'Create Secret Chat' and add the desired contact. As soon as it appears online, you will receive a notification and you can start chatting.

In the chat settings, you can set a timer for automatic deletion of messages in the interval from one second to a week.

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