7 habits that can kill your smartphone

Many, without knowing it themselves, harm their smartphone. All this leads to the fact that it fails prematurely. This stems from everyday actions that have long become a habit for most. If you want your smartphone to serve you faithfully for a long time, give up these bad habits, because they kill your smartphone.

7 habits that can kill your smartphone

Frequent charging

Each lithium-ion battery has its own number of charge-discharge cycles, after which its capacity is significantly reduced. Therefore, try to charge your smartphone as little as possible if its charge level is more than 50 percent.

This will shorten the stable battery life. Please also note that the smartphone should not be discharged to 0 percent: this is also bad for the battery capacity. In order for the battery to retain its factory characteristics as long as possible, it is recommended to charge it when the charge level drops to 10-20 percent.

Downloading unverified apps

If you want your personal data not to become public, and various Trojans and ransomware are not running on your smartphone, install applications only from trusted sources. It is best, of course, to use official stores: Google Play, App Store or other gadget manufacturers' markets.

If you suddenly need a hacked version of a game or program, then use a popular torrent tracker or forum like w3bsit3-dns.com. These sources can be considered relatively safe: there is strict moderation, and their users value their reputation, so they will not post malware.

Do not clear memory regularly

Few people promptly delete unused applications from the smartphone's memory, heavy photo shoots that were not the most successful, cleans the cache of various instant messengers, social networks and streaming services. Usually users are forced to do this when a system notification about insufficient memory appears.

Frequent such situations can lead to the fact that one day the flash memory of your smartphone will burn out, and with it the gigabytes of data that it stored.

To prevent this, free up your smartphone's memory at least once a week: during this time, more than one gigabyte of garbage accumulates in it. If there is nothing to delete, but there is still not enough memory, then start using cloud storage.

Keep on hot sand under the sun

7 habits that can kill your smartphone

If you can't even go to the beach without a smartphone, then keep in mind that hot sand and sun can be fatal for him. Despite the fact that the maximum temperature at which most modern gadgets can work is 90 degrees, this does not mean that such a temperature should be around.

It is enough to leave the smartphone under the open sun for a while, so that it gets very hot and the security system works, which would turn it off or send it to reboot. Naturally, in this case, such actions will not be able to cool him.

As a result, the motherboard or the chips on it become unusable, because of which the device either stops turning on or loses some of its functions. Sometimes even an expensive repair cannot help, and the smartphone will have to be thrown away.

Use in the bathroom

Usually, after moisture gets into the smartphone, expensive repairs await it. This is one of the most common causes of breakdown and is often easy to avoid. It can be difficult to give up your smartphone even for a short period of time, but still try to move it away when drinking coffee or taking a bath.

Being in a bathtub with a smartphone in general can be life-threatening, especially if it is charging. Sometimes the vapors from a warm bath are enough for the moisture to get inside the case and disable the smartphone.

Wear without a cover

Physical damage is another common reason smartphones fail. A broken screen, a rumpled case – all of this can be prevented. It is enough to pay a little attention to the safety of the device: get a bumper and stick on a protective glass.

Of course, this is not one hundred percent protection against falls on asphalt or concrete floor, but the chances that the smartphone will survive them without serious consequences still increase.

Leave in the cold

Lithium-ion batteries used in modern gadgets are afraid of the cold, which is why they discharge so quickly in freezing temperatures. Naturally, you cannot refuse to use the phone in the cold, but it is advisable to reduce the time of its stay in the cold.

For example, it is better not to leave your smartphone in the car in winter. Over one frosty night, its battery can lose a significant share of its capacity, after which it will have to be replaced.

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