7 best browsers for Windows in 2018

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Every year programs for working with the Internet are becoming more functional and optimized. The best of them have high speed, the ability to save traffic, protect your computer from viruses and work with popular network protocols. The best browsers in 2018 withstand the competition thanks to regular useful updates and stable performance.


  • Google chrome
  • Yandex browser
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • Other browsers
    • Internet Explorer
    • Tor

Google chrome

The most widespread and popular browser for Windows today is Google Chrome. This program is developed on the WebKit engine combined with javascript. It has a number of advantages, including not only stable operation and an intuitive interface, but also a very rich store with a variety of plugins that make your browser even more functional.

Convenient and fast internet explorer is installed on 42% of devices worldwide. True, most of them are mobile gadgets.

Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome is the most popular browser

Pros of Google Chrome:

  • fast loading of web pages and high quality of recognition and processing of web elements;
  • convenient quick access panel and bookmarks, which allows you to save your favorite sites for instant transition to them;
  • high data security, preservation of passwords and increased confidentiality 'Incognito';
  • an extension store with many interesting browser add-ons, including news feeds, ad blockers, photo and video downloaders, and much more;
  • regular updates and user support.

Browser cons:

  • the browser is demanding on computer resources and reserves at least 2 GB of free RAM for stable operation;
  • not all plugins from the official Google Chrome store have been translated into Russian;
  • after update 42.0, support for many plugins was suspended in the program, among which was the Flash Player.

Yandex browser

The Yandex browser was released in 2012 and was developed on the WebKit engine and javascript, which was later named Chromium. Explorer aims to connect Internet surfing with Yandex services. The interface of the program turned out to be convenient and original: even if the design does not look like a breakthrough, the tiles from the 'Scoreboard' curtain will not be inferior to bookmarks in Chrome in terms of ease of use. The developers took care of the user's safety on the Internet by stitching anti-virus plugins Antishock, Adguard and Web Trust into the browser.

Yandex browser

Yandex Browser was first introduced on October 1, 2012

Yandex Browser advantages:

  • fast processing speed of sites and instant page loading;
  • smart search through the Yandex system;
  • customization of bookmarks, the ability to add up to 20 tiles to quick access;
  • increased security when surfing the Internet, active anti-virus protection and blocking shock ads;
  • turbo mode and saving traffic.

Cons of Yandex Browser:

  • intrusive work of services from Yandex;
  • each new bookmark consumes a considerable amount of RAM;
  • ad blocker and antivirus, although they protect your computer from Internet threats, sometimes slow down the program.

Mozilla Firefox

This browser is created on the lightweight Gecko engine, which is open source, so everyone can take part in improving it. Mozilla has a unique style and stable operation, but it does not always cope with serious workloads: with a large number of open tabs, the program starts to freeze a little, and the CPU and RAM are loaded more than usual.

Mozilla Firefox Browser

In the USA and Europe, Mozilla Firefox is used by users much more often than in Russia and neighboring countries

Pros of Mozilla Firefox:

  • the browser store of extensions and add-ons is huge. There are more than 100 thousand names of various plugins presented here;
  • fast interface work at low loads;
  • increased security of the user's personal data;
  • synchronization between browsers on different devices to exchange bookmarks and passwords;
  • minimalistic interface without unnecessary details.

Cons of Mozilla Firefox:

  • some features of Mozilla Firefox are hidden from users. To access additional functions, enter 'about: config' in the address bar;
  • unstable work with scripts and a flash-player, due to which some sites may be displayed incorrectly;
  • low performance, interface slowdown with a large number of open tabs.


The history of the browser goes back as far as 1994. Until 2013, Opera worked on its own engine, but then switched to Webkit + V8, following the example of Google Chrome. The program has established itself as one of the best applications for saving traffic and quick access to pages. Opera's turbo mode works stably, compressing pictures and videos when loading a website. The extension store is inferior to competitors, but all the plugins necessary for comfortable Internet use are available for free.

Opera browser

In Russia, the percentage of users of the Opera browser is two times higher than the world average

Pros of Opera:

  • fast speed of transition to new pages;
  • convenient “Turbo” mode, which saves traffic and allows faster page loading. Data compression works for graphic elements, allowing you to save more than 20% of your internet traffic;
  • one of the most convenient express panels among all modern browsers. The ability to add unlimited new tiles, edit their addresses and names;
  • built-in picture-in-picture function – the ability to watch videos, adjust the volume and rewind even when the application is minimized;
  • convenient synchronization of bookmarks and passwords using the Opera Link function. If you use Opera on your phone and computer at the same time, then your data will be synchronized on these devices.

Opera cons:

  • increased consumption of RAM even with a small number of open bookmarks;
  • high power consumption on gadgets running on their own batteries;
  • long browser startup compared to similar browsers;
  • weak customization with a small number of settings.


The company's browser Apple is popular on Mac OS and iOS, it appears much less frequently on Windows. However, all over the world, this program occupies an honorable fourth place in the general list of popularity among similar applications. Safari is fast, highly secure for user data, and official tests prove it is better optimized than many other browsers. True, the program has not received global updates for a long time.

Safari Browser

Safari updates for users Windows have not been released since 2014

Pros of Safari:

  • high speed of loading Internet pages;
  • low load on the RAM and processor of the device.

Cons of Safari:

  • browser support on the platform Windows ended in 2014, so you shouldn't expect global updates;
  • not the best optimization for Windows based devices. With developments from Apple the program works more stable and faster.

Other browsers

Besides the most popular browsers mentioned above, there are many other noteworthy programs out there.

Internet Explorer

The built-in Windows standard Internet Explorer browser is more often the object of ridicule than a program for permanent use. Many people see in the application only a client for downloading a better explorer. However, today the program ranks fifth in Russia and second in the world in terms of the share of users. In 2018, the application was launched by 8% of Internet visitors. True, the speed of working with pages and the lack of support for many plugins makes Internet Explorer not the best choice for the role of a regular browser.

Internet Explorer Browser

Internet Explorer 11 is the latest browser in the Internet Explorer family


The Tor program works through an anonymous network system, allowing the user to visit any sites of interest and remain incognito. The browser uses numerous VPNs and proxy servers, which allows free access to the entire Internet, but slows down the application. Low performance and slow downloads make Tor not the best solution for listening to music and watching videos on the global network.

Tor Browser

Tor is free and open source software for the anonymous exchange of information on the network

Choosing a browser for personal use is not so difficult: the main thing is to decide what goals you are pursuing using the global network. The best web browsers differ in different feature sets and plugins, competing for page load speed, optimization and security.

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