6 ways to protect your computer without installing antivirus on it

Antivirus is a must-have software on your computer. In addition to the positive aspects, it also has disadvantages: the possibility of triggering a false alarm, on weak hardware often loads resources. They also cannot be called a panacea for a virus attack, even with regular updates. If there is no antivirus on your PC, you can protect it in several ways.

6 ways to protect your computer without installing antivirus on it

Check questionable files through online services

Services of this type are of two types:

  • resources created by antivirus developers;
  • web projects that use several different anti-virus programs.

There are several popular online services with a similar operating principle. A file is uploaded to a special form on the site, after which the result is displayed – whether it is infected or safe.

Virus Total

A popular service from Google, where files weighing up to 128 MB are checked. Works with well-known anti-virus databases, including BitDefender, Panda Security, Eset, Kaspersky Lab, AVG, Doctor Web, Avira. There are more than seventy of them.

The file is uploaded on the site in the 'File' tab.

The service offers testing of links for their involvement in phishing resources. The link is inserted in the 'URL' tab, 'Search' is clicked, the result appears. Testing can be carried out by hash codes, domains and IP.

Autorun Organizer (work with autorun) thanks to Virus Total makes it possible to test the software that is assigned to autorun together with the OS.

Block unwanted scripts in browsers

The weak link in the security of browsers, and therefore a PC, is the permission to launch content on sites. Therefore, it is necessary to install blockers that do not allow scripts to enter the pages and allow content to be launched exclusively from trusted sites. They will provide protection against ClickJacking and XSS attacks.


Simple extension is easy to install. After going to his page, click 'Add to Firefox', then 'Install now'. The browser restarts. After launching the browser, the NoScript icon will be displayed in the toolbar at the top.

By default, active page content will be blocked. Clicking on the icon allows you to disable or enable the script.

Always install important updates on time Windows

The developers are engaged in the elimination of vulnerabilities. All programs are periodically updated and not always for security reasons. But the update directly affects the improvement of OS security. Attacks are not always successful because of their own vulnerabilities. There are also 'holes' in add-ons, plugins.

The list of programs requiring timely updates includes:

  • Apple QuickTime;
  • Adobe Flash Player;
  • Adobe Reader;
  • browser add-ons;
  • Sun Java.

Use Windows Defender

A modern variation of Microsoft Security Essentials is Windows Defender. In a PC with an operating system Windows 10, the product is built into the OS and provides the computer with a high level of protection. The utility automatically checks all programs that are running, performs database updates, has an interface that allows you to fully test the system.

The utility acts as a reliable computer defender. You don't need to install an antivirus in addition.

Create a new account with limited rights

When browsing Internet content under such an account, the risk of malicious codes acting on the OS is reduced. It is not difficult to create it in Windows 7.

Click on 'Start' – 'Control Panel' – 'Accounts' and then 'Add and remove user accounts'.

In the window below, click on 'Create Account'. Creating a new account is possible only from an account with Administrator rights.

A name is entered and a check mark is placed next to 'General access'. The action is confirmed by clicking 'Create account'.

Click on 'Create password'. A password is entered in a special window and duplicated in the next line. Next is the 'Create password' button.

Use sandboxes to run files

If you need to download and open Internet files, it is better to do this through local 'sandboxes' such as Sandboxie, which are characterized by a high additional level of protection. The files will run in copy Windows.

Vulnerabilities are not excluded, but when a malicious application that deletes files is launched in this mode, information from the hard drive will not be affected.

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