6 apps to help your preschooler learn and develop


Educational games help the preschooler to easily master the necessary knowledge and skills. This fact is successfully used by developers of programs for mobile gadgets, creating applications that introduce kids to letters and numbers, teach them to count and combine concepts.

6 apps to help your preschooler learn and develop

Learning shapes

6 apps to help your preschooler learn and develop

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is inspired by the books by Eric Karl.

The main character is a gluttonous and inquisitive multicolored insect. The caterpillar travels in a hot air balloon, collects colorful geometric shapes, opens secret doors and solves puzzles. Her world is filled with colors and fascinating stories.

Application features:

  • teaching simple and complex forms;
  • sorting by color and shade;
  • building patterns;
  • development of logical and mathematical abilities;
  • improvement of fine motor skills.

A free trial period of the game with reduced functionality and a full paid version is available.

We develop motor skills

6 apps to help your preschooler learn and develop

Drawing game is designed for the smallest artists. It combines simple lessons on how to create funny animals and colorful voiced animation that accompanies the player's actions. As soon as the child finishes his masterpiece, the drawing will come to life: the rocket will rush into space, the bunny jumps on the lawn, and the hedgehog will curl up into a ball.

Benefits of 'Draw':

  • 30 funny characters to choose from;
  • detailed and understandable lessons for children;
  • over 100 animations and sounds;
  • development of motor skills and preparation of the hand for writing;
  • no advertising and parental control.

The free version has 5 characters. To access the full collection, you will need to pay for the full version.

Learning numbers

6 apps to help your preschooler learn and develop

With the help of the 'Numbers 123' application, the kid will easily remember the count up to 10. All that is required from the parents is to adjust the difficulty level and show the little user the basics of control.

The following functions are available in the program:

  • outlining numbers to memorize their style;
  • performing tasks to select the desired number hidden in the ball;
  • continuation of the sequence.

A nice bonus – the program is completely free, does not require additional purchases and is free of ads.

Learning the first English words

6 apps to help your preschooler learn and develop

ABC Spelling: Spell&Phonics – простая головоломка на английском языке для самых маленьких полиглотов. It can help you learn letters and sounds, the basics of English grammar and simple words in a playful way. At the beginning, the player is tested to determine the level of knowledge.

Application advantages:

  • sequence of training;
  • variety of tasks: reading, selection, pronunciation;
  • regular updating of the application and tasks in it;
  • monthly and interim tests to monitor learning

ABC Spelling: Spell&Phonics – полностью бесплатная программа без дополнительных покупок.

Learning to read syllables

6 apps to help your preschooler learn and develop

'Letters: learning to read' helps the child to compose words from individual letters and read the first words by syllables. The amusing unicorn Ray will become a faithful companion of training. He will tell you in a difficult situation, tell you how this or that letter sounds, and also help you read the first word.

The main advantage of Bukovok is the combination of the generally accepted method of sounds and letters with the lessons of Zaitseva.

What awaits the child in the game:

  • sounding letters and warehouses;
  • learning how to divide words into syllables;
  • playground with exciting reading tasks;
  • interactive panoramas to explore without adult assistance.

The program is shareware. Advanced functionality is available to the user only after payment.

Introducing the world of animals

6 apps to help your preschooler learn and develop

Little animal lovers will definitely appreciate the Good Morning Friends! In it, you can study in detail the habitat, diet and habits of many domestic and wild animals. The child will have to wake up, feed, bathe and take care of his pet on his own, taking into account all his features and habits.

Features of 'Good Morning Friends!':

  • bright graphics and various melodies;
  • multilingual interface;
  • the ability to complete the game on your own using voice prompts;
  • variety of pets.

Each animal is purchased and paid for separately, which makes the game more accessible and functional.

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