5 ways to find and fix the cause of increased load Windows 10 by the WSAPPX process

Slowing down the performance of a computer running Windows 10 is a serious problem that many users face. Cleaning the hard drive of file junk and disabling the startup of little-used applications usually helps. But in some cases, a drop in performance may be the result of a malfunction of internal processes associated with the hard disk.

5 ways to find and fix the cause of increased load Windows 10 by the WSAPPX process

Deleting new store programs Windows 10

You can find a problem in the Task Manager: in it, a malfunctioning process will show the load of the main processor, close to 100%. First of all, you need to check Wsappx – it is he who is responsible for the interaction of the operating system (OS) with the Windows Store and, in case of errors, begins to significantly load the hard disk.

First, remember what programs were recently downloaded from Windows Store and installed on your computer. Often, the failure is caused not by the applications themselves, but by problems during their download and installation. Try uninstalling them.

The procedure is as follows: uninstall the program, restart the computer, check the Wsappx load. Returning the operating system state to one of the restore points gives very good results. This will remove not only problematic applications, but also all their actions in the registry.

Manual update of apps from the store

As mentioned above, incorrectly installed programs can crash and overload the computer. If you don't want to completely remove them, you can try manual update.

To do this, you need to go to the app store, find the recently installed ones and update them. If the problem was related to an incorrect installation, then such actions usually help to solve it.

Shop blocking Windows 10

If you do not use Windows Store, then you can try to apply a radical method – completely disabling it. In any case, the OS spends resources on maintaining contact with the store and checking for updates, so this action will partially relieve the load on the computer.

This can be done by moving through the windows: Computer Configuration – Administrative Templates – Components Windows – Store – Disable Windows Store. It will not harm the system at all, but you will be deprived of the prompt entrance to the store.

Activating the paging file

An increased load on the Wsappx process can also be caused by disabling the paging file. The fact is that when the OS is just installed and few programs are involved, disabling the paging file in some cases even speeds up the system and frees up disk space. Therefore, novice users deactivate the swap file.

However, over time, the disk space occupied by the operating system increases significantly. The number of installed software components is also growing. As a result, the RAM may not be enough for all processes, and the OS using Wsappx will periodically clean it up and reload the necessary software components. These actions can also overload the Wsappx process. Activate the swap file and check the loading of problematic processes.

Creating a new user account

If the problem of reduced performance cannot be solved by the above methods, then usually the user resorts to drastic actions – a complete reinstallation of the operating system. However, there is an easier, but no less effective way to clean the system from various settings and traces of uninstalled programs.

This is the creation of a new user. In this case, you get the system from scratch, as with reinstallation, but with additional capabilities: transferring information and settings from the old profile manually and automatically. There are special features for this in Windows 10.

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