5 reasons why you might be blocked on WhatsApp and Viber

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We all use convenient and popular messengers like WhatsApp or Viber in one way or another. With their help, you can make free audio and video calls, exchange messages quickly and comfortably.

However, there are certain rules for users, non-compliance with which may lead to account blocking.

5 reasons why you might be blocked on WhatsApp and Viber


You should not send many identical messages, as the application may 'think' that you are a robot. Simply put, if you simultaneously send a link to a specific site with a product or service to a large number of your contacts, this is regarded as spam.

The system may warn you about the inadmissibility of such actions, temporarily restrict access to the application or completely 'ban' the account.

A complaint

When communicating not only in private messages, but also in group chats, it is worth remembering to observe the culture of communication. You can not insult or speak incorrectly in relation to strangers, even if their opinion is unpleasant to you. There are users who first deliberately provoke the interlocutor to aggression and 'showdown' in the network, and then purposefully send a complaint to block the opponent's account. In order to avoid this kind of trouble, it is best to stay away from 'heated' discussions.

Suspicious groups

A group or chat can be considered suspicious if it knowingly violates the rules of use prescribed in the application, for example, by spreading malicious information or by committing fraudulent actions. If you are a member of such a group (sometimes it happens by accident), when it is blocked, your account indiscriminately with a high degree of probability will also be 'banned'.

Unofficial app

Applications must be installed only from official and trusted sources, otherwise you can 'catch' unwanted viruses on your device. In addition, unofficial programs can steal the user's personal data. So, entering the messenger from suspicious devices, or logging into unverified sites, you will be blocked by the system.

Violation of user conditions

When installing the official application, each user puts a 'tick' under the agreement that mutually regulates the relationship between the person and the program. However, in most cases, all of us, wanting to quickly get access to the functions of the application, skip such an important stage as reading the terms of the contract, where a huge amount of information is described in detail and point by point, non-compliance with which can lead to complete blocking of the user.

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