5 map apps for Android that will make it easy to navigate an unfamiliar city


Navigation applications have become a must for any traveler today. Such electronic maps will help you not to get lost and quickly find the desired store or hotel in almost any city in the world.

Google maps

5 map apps for Android that will make it easy to navigate an unfamiliar city

This is a classic, standard application for all android devices. Thanks to him, the user gets online access to detailed satellite maps.

Google Maps features:

  • maps combined with satellite imagery;
  • detailed image of any region of Russia and abroad;
  • the ability to use anywhere in the world;
  • the highest quality resolution of images of cities in the world with a population of more than 1 million people;
  • the ability to combine several display modes;
  • detailed information about the organizations located in the selected building;
  • route planning function: on foot, by car or public transport.

Yandex maps


The main difference between Yandex.Maps and its competitors is the ability to work without an Internet connection. This program will help you navigate in an unfamiliar city, find the right public transport route or get to an organization.

Advantages of Yandex.Maps:

  • the largest database of organizations in comparison with competitors;
  • the detail of the information provided;
  • floor plans of large shopping centers (only for Moscow);
  • full work with the application without an Internet connection;
  • saving favorite places and viewing them on different devices;
  • creation of all types of routes;
  • presence of city transport tags indicating its location in real time;
  • extended voice navigation for motorists: cameras, signs, traffic police posts.


5 map apps for Android that will make it easy to navigate an unfamiliar city

Almost every smartphone owner is familiar with this application. 2GIS is not just a map, but a full-fledged reference book and a convenient navigator for most cities in Russia.

Available features of the application that distinguish it from competitors:

  • work in offline mode after downloading a file with a map for the selected city;
  • weekly updating of the database and the list of organizations;
  • indication of interesting places and sights with the provision of their brief descriptions and photographs;
  • sorting companies by category and search by name;
  • drawing up routes for all modes of travel;
  • function of quick communication with company representatives directly from the application.


5 map apps for Android that will make it easy to navigate an unfamiliar city

Maps.me are detailed offline maps with turn-by-turn navigation.

Important features of Maps.me:

  • saving traffic due to the ability to pre-download files;
  • navigation for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists;
  • built-in travel guides;
  • detailed details of travel routes and places that are not available on other maps;
  • daily updates with millions of users;
  • compact size of the application and fast work even on budget models of smartphones;
  • the possibility of booking hotels and inns;
  • transmission of information about the user's location using SMS or instant messengers;
  • providing information on the road gradient for cyclists and pedestrians.



The OsmAnd application is an indispensable assistant in creating routes in unfamiliar terrain or for finding an object of interest. In offline access mode, it displays not only a city map, but also various tourist information.

OsmAnd features:

  • maps of all regions of the world without an Internet connection;
  • voice navigation in all operating modes;
  • GPS tracks, favorites lists, elevation lines, transport stops;
  • function of matching cards with manual transparency adjustment;
  • creation of GPS tracks for hiking;
  • navigation for cyclists, taking into account the riding style;
  • flexible planning and quick route adjustments;
  • sync with Wikipedia (for the paid version).

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