5 financial applications for iPhone, with which you can control your expenses

There are now many applications for phones that not only entertain the user, but also make life much easier. Personal finance accounting programs allow you to control your spending, as well as draw up your budget for a certain period.

5 financial applications for iPhone, with which you can control your expenses


5 financial applications for iPhone, with which you can control your expenses

Fast and convenient tracking of expenses and incomes CoinKeeper allows you to plan your budget from your phone or tablet. The application indicates the current balance on all wallets, the amount spent in the current period and the remaining budget.

All income is divided into types – salary, interest on loan deposits, gifts, freelance. Wallets are divided into cash, bank card, electronic money, you can add bank deposits and deposits.

Expenses are also divided into categories – groceries, entertainment, cafes, cars, telephones, internet, travel, home (utilities) and so on. Also, the user himself can add categories at his own discretion.

In the application, you can create a budget for a month, a quarter, for 2 or 4 weeks, and you need to specify a limit for each category of expenses for a selected period of time. All expenses initially have green icons, when the user remains in the budget, they are yellow, and if they go beyond the budget, they turn red.

It is very convenient to add an expense – you just need to transfer a coin from the selected wallet to the icon of the desired category and specify the amount. The balances from all wallets are summed up and give the total balance.

To see only the real funds available, there is a function to exclude investment accounts. It is also possible to set an icon for a financial goal, for example, buying a car, apartment, vacation in Bali, etc. It will show the deferred amount and motivate the user not to spend too much.

CoinKeeper gives you the ability to compare your spending every month, analyze your spending, and stay within budget. The application supports all world currencies.


5 financial applications for iPhone, with which you can control your expenses

In the full paid version, synchronization with Dropbox or Google Drive will be available, as well as world currencies and a protective password.

The application is made in pleasant colors, has excellent graphics and a simple interface. In the center of the screen, there is a pie chart that shows the budget, next to it are expense items depicted as icons.

The user can independently choose the icon he likes for each category, as well as change their name. Each of the icons is colored in a certain shade, this color is displayed on the diagram as a percentage of the total amount spent.

At the bottom of the screen are the '+' and '-' buttons, with which you can add income and expenses. To do this, click on the desired button, specify the amount and add a category, if you wish, you can specify how much was spent on a specific product in each category.

In the application, you can keep a budget for the day, week, month or year, and you can keep several accounts. An additional menu is responsible for invoices and the reporting period, it allows the user to find a specific date in order to view the reporting for a specific date.


5 financial applications for iPhone, with which you can control your expenses

The Moneon app records and analyzes the user's expenses, calculates the budget and calculates the balance. Summaries are categorized and by default correspond to the calendar month, but they can be divided into different time periods. The user can choose from the list or add his own categories of expenses, filter all payments by tags and places, and assign templates for regular transactions.

In the 'Budgets' tab, you can set financial limits by allocating a certain amount for each category. Income and expenses are very conveniently added using the '+' button in the lower right corner, you can also add a receipt and location to a transaction.

The 'Reports' tab will show the user a chart that shows all expenses in percentage. The application also has a 'Debts' tab, where you can keep track of the money that must be returned to the user or his own loans.

Moneon allows you to create several wallets, for example, a family wallet, a separate wallet for travel or a temporary one for spending on a business trip.

Zen Mani

5 financial applications for iPhone, with which you can control your expenses

The Zen-Mani mobile application for personal finance management offers the user the first two weeks to use it for free. The program automatically controls expenses, it synchronizes with banks and distributes them into categories. The user can see the balance on all accounts at once, the application also reminds in advance about the payment of the loan so that he does not have to pay interest.

In the program, you can create the required number of accounts and name them whatever you like. Transactions are added in the 'Accounts' tab, if no financial transactions were entered during the day, the application will send a reminder about this in the evening.

In the 'Overview' tab, all daily expenses will be displayed in the form of a graph, here you can also see the balance. The 'Category report' shows the percentage of expenses as well as the amount that was spent on a specific category.

Money lover

5 financial applications for iPhone, with which you can control your expenses

You can sign in to the Money Lover app with your Google account or Facebook. In addition to the existing categories of expenses and income, you can add your own, in addition to making daily expenses, you can also specify deferred mandatory payments.

The application will also take into account the user's debts and help him not to spend more than he should, as well as remind him of the next payment in time.

When making daily transactions in finance, the user will be able to get reports and statistics that will help to correctly distribute the budget. In addition to mobile devices, the application can be synchronized with a computer.

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