5 best weather forecast apps for your phone

Every day, before leaving the house, we are interested in the weather for the coming day. And if a couple of decades ago this information was communicated to us by a thermometer hanging on the window, today we have at our disposal gadgets with applications installed on them.

Weather forecast

5 best weather forecast apps for your phone

The application is very simple, but at the same time provides comprehensive information about the weather in the city. The main screen meets us with information about the climatic situation in the selected village.

There is a layout for the time of day, which allows you to form the most complete picture of the weather situation. Also in the program you can get a weather forecast for a week and information about the probability of precipitation, cloudiness, comfort temperature. Everything is laconic, simple and without unnecessary additions.


5 best weather forecast apps for your phone

The Yandex application is capable of providing the most accurate weather forecasts both for the entire selected city and for its individual regions. This is a kind of full-fledged hydrometeorological center, but without sophisticated schedules and schemes.

The application allows you to track the movement of thunderstorm clouds, warning of possible rain, and also provides data on atmospheric pressure and humidity, wind direction and strength. Yandex.Weather has its own widget for the smartphone screen, and is also adapted for Apple Watch.


5 best weather forecast apps for your phone

An application with a beautiful and user-friendly interface. The main screen displays information about the temperature at a particular time, as well as data on the rising and setting of the sun. A swipe upward adds detailed infographics about wind speed, pressure, geomagnetic conditions. In Gismeteo it is possible to select the weather station from which you would like to receive the weather report. However, so far it only works in Moscow.

As in Yandex.Weather, in this application you can add a widget to the main screen of your phone, as well as select settings according to the size and appearance of the widget. As a big plus, you can point out the absence of annoying ads, for which special thanks to the developers.

Today Weather

5 best weather forecast apps for your phone

Perhaps this is the simplest weather forecast application and, moreover, very beautiful. The program was released quite recently, but managed to impress users.

In Today Weather, you can independently choose the source from which weather reports will come. There is an alert system that informs about possible precipitation or provides a report on the weather forecast at the appointed time. The program is equipped with a great and well-designed interface with a lot of settings.


5 best weather forecast apps for your phone

Today, 1.5 billion people use this application. The service is actively used by representatives of both Russian and foreign media.

With a huge database of locations to track data, the application generates a forecast for any selected point in the world. In addition to the standard functions of determining the level of precipitation, wind direction and speed, AccuWeather can track precipitation with an accuracy of the minute (currently this function is only available in the USA, Europe and Japan).

By swiping between the tabs, you can see the weather forecast by hour or day, get acquainted with weather reports in video format, and read news related to weather around the world. A very nice bonus is the 'Lifestyle' tab, which allows you to set your preferences, after which the program will notify the user about the weather conditions regarding his comfort zone. AccuWeather has widgets adapted for tvOS, watchOS and iMessage.

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