5 best programs to adjust screen brightness in Windows

Controlling the image on the screen includes not only adjusting the brightness and contrast, but also changing the temperature, depending on the illumination of the room and the duration of the use of the gadget. Below are five of the best programs for complex monitor image adjustments.


5 best programs to adjust screen brightness in Windows

F.lux synchronizes with the user's geographic location and, depending on the current time of day, automatically changes the color gamut and temperature.

For example, at night, a warm yellow light turns on, which hurts the eyes less, and during the day, on the contrary, it is cold and bright. The initial setting is carried out in several movements: the choice of temperature within certain limits (from 2700 K to 6500 K) and setting the intervals for changing the indicators.

F.lux advantages:

  • automatic color change of the monitor, without user intervention;
  • accurate determination of the time of day, thanks to geographic location using Google Maps;
  • the ability to manually stop the program, for example, to watch a movie;
  • precise configuration of profiles to suit individual user needs.


5 best programs to adjust screen brightness in Windows

The main task of CareUEyes is to adjust the image temperature and screen brightness. Additionally, the program can remind the user to take a break from work and give rest to the eyes. Conveniently, the break reminder function does not turn on while using full screen mode.

Features of CareUEyes:

  • ease of use, without a huge number of options and adjustments;
  • the ability to manually adjust the color and brightness of the image or use ready-made templates;
  • quick access to the program from the context menu;
  • the presence of a countdown timer, notifying of the approach of a break;
  • shutdown function for early access to the monitor during a break.


5 best programs to adjust screen brightness in Windows

A small program Redshift will help you quickly and easily set up your monitor and minimize eye fatigue during long-term use of the computer. This software works especially effectively at night.

Advantages and differences of Redshift:

  • automatic day / night mode switching based on geographic location;
  • three options for determining the location: manually, automatically or using an external IP-address;
  • manual adjustment of the settings of the profiles 'Day' and 'Night';
  • smooth temperature and brightness control;
  • function of temporary stop of the program;
  • availability for installation in the OS Linux.

Gamma panel

5 best programs to adjust screen brightness in Windows

Gamma Panel allows you to adjust several parameters at once: gamma, contrast and brightness. The peculiarity of the program is to change both the full color model and each channel separately: red, green and blue.

Gamma Panel advantages:

  • small amount of occupied space on the hard disk;
  • manual tuning of channels with a graphic representation of the changes made;
  • the ability to save new and change ready-made profiles;
  • assignment of a combination of hot keys to a profile, with which it can be launched in a few seconds;
  • reset of adjustments to standard values.


5 best programs to adjust screen brightness in Windows

PangoBright will help you darken your monitor screen with a few mouse clicks. To work with it, no installation is required, at the same time, the application is always available in the tray for quick access.

Undeniable advantages of PangoBright:

  • choice of the degree of shading from 20% to 100%;
  • dimming color setting: black, white, green, blue and others;
  • support for multiple monitors;
  • quick access to settings to adjust them.

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