5 best online shopping apps


An additional consumer engagement method used by online stores is the release of a mobile app. Research firm App Annie conducted research to identify the most popular shopping apps.

5 best online shopping apps


A well-known Chinese store, popular not only in Russia but all over the world. The main advantage of the site is a large number of products. Aliexpress is more like a market where the same product is presented by several sellers, therefore, when choosing, it is necessary to conduct monitoring to identify the optimal cost of the product.

An additional plus is the availability of a coupon system offering discounts, as well as a loyalty program. As a certain status is achieved, the client receives various benefits (increased discounts, birthday bonuses).

The application is distinguished by the speed of work, convenience (all sections are displayed on the main screen), the most frequent user requests are also remembered and a set of proposals is selected on their basis.

With all the abundance of pluses, Aliexpress has two significant drawbacks:

  1. Long delivery times (up to 90 days). In the absence of goods within the specified time frame, the buyer can open a dispute for a refund.
  2. Substandard goods. It is recommended that you preview the reviews, and you can also visit the specialized forums that list unscrupulous sellers.


The most famous electronic notice board in Russia has its own application. The main feature that the mobile version provides to the user is quick access to 38 million offers. The site presents goods of all categories – from trinkets to houses or apartments. The mobile application has a number of convenient functions:

  • convenient search by individual parameters;
  • the ability to add ads to favorites;
  • automatically receive notifications about new products in the selected category;
  • communicate with sellers via SMS or calls;
  • edit your own ads;
  • pay for services when creating an Avito wallet.

The disadvantages are not so significant, and since the developer monitors reviews and suggestions, one can hope that there will be none at all:

  • there is no possibility to subscribe to the seller;
  • you can link the card to the Avito wallet only through the website;
  • periodic errors when the cache is full.


The company is one of the oldest in the Russian Internet space. It has existed since 1998. Initially, the site specialized in the sale of books and video products. Today's Ozone is a universal hypermarket with more than 2 million products of various categories. In the E-Commerce Index TOP-100 for 2018, the company was ranked 3rd with sales of 41 million rubles.

Advantages of the site:

  • delivery speed due to high-quality logistics;
  • a large number of pick-up points;
  • intuitive application interface;
  • ease of payment for goods. The service accepts bonuses Thank you from Sberbank;
  • loyalty program and the presence of an Ozone.Card card, when paying for which there is a cashback.

According to users, the app has no obvious flaws.


Another electronic platform that specializes in the supply of goods from China. By analogy with Aliexpress, the store offers many products in various categories. According to the administration of the resource, all offered products are commercial offers of the largest Chinese manufacturers.

Main features of the mobile version:

  • convenient filter search;
  • purchase of goods with the ability to preview a card with a description;
  • the 'Favorites' option, where you can put your favorite things;
  • authorization via social networks;
  • delivery notifications;
  • feedback from the seller.

This application has the same set of disadvantages as Aliexpress:

  • long delivery. Most small parcels have a 'untraceable' status, which makes it difficult to obtain information;
  • a large number of low-quality goods.


An online store founded in 2004 as a business reselling goods from clothing catalogs. Modern Wildberries is a serious enterprise that sells more than 100 thousand units of goods of various categories. According to the company, the number of registered clients is 2.5 million. The main advantage of the store is the ability to order things with subsequent fitting at points of issue and cancellation of the redemption. The disadvantage is the higher cost of the product and the lower percentage of the discount.

What has changed since 2018

App Annie conducted research to identify the most popular shopping apps not only in 2019, but also in 2018. A year earlier, the mobile version of Avito was the most downloaded, while Aliexpress was in 4th place. Also, user preferences have changed towards Russian stores, which were not there in 2018. Such sites as Yula and Pandao dropped out of the rating.

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