5 best calorie counting apps on Android


For weight loss, it is not enough to bring physical activity into the daily schedule. An obligatory item is the calculation of the calorie content of meals and strict adherence to the norm. The days of writing in a notebook are long gone, a modern assistant for a losing weight person is a smartphone with an installed application for calculating calories.

5 best calorie counting apps on Android

Lose weight together. Calorie diary

5 best calorie counting apps on Android

Before using the Calorie Diary, the user is prompted to enter measurements of volume, height, weight and anticipated physical activity. Based on these data, the program independently calculates the calorie content and the ratio of BZHU. All that remains is to comply with the established norm every day and enjoy the decreasing figure on the scales.

The main advantage of the application is the ability to work in a team with others who are losing weight. Thus, people additionally support each other, motivate and jointly solve emerging difficulties.

Features of the application 'Lose weight together. Calorie Diary ':

  • own database of products and ready-made meals, which does not require an Internet connection to work with;
  • lack of separation of meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner;
  • the ability to record the volume of water drunk, daily fluctuations in weight and frequency of physical activity;
  • the presence of homework and everyday tasks in the list of exercises: cleaning, washing the car, resting or walking.

Losing weight without diet with SIT30

5 best calorie counting apps on Android

This app is a comprehensive approach to weight loss. In it, you can not only write down all meals and take into account their calorie content, but also gradually include physical exercises and good habits in your life. The section of folk recipes for maintaining beauty and health deserves special attention.

In addition to the calorie counter, 'Weight Loss Without Diet with SIT30' has the following useful functions:

  • drawing up an individual diet that includes meals of proper nutrition;
  • accounting for the water consumed, to enter data it will take just a few touches of the screen;
  • graphical display of the rate of weight loss based on the initially entered data and intermediate results;
  • visualization of the user in the form of a virtual character, his appearance displays the current results;
  • a list of illustrated exercises that take no more than 15-20 minutes daily to complete;
  • presentation of awards for achievements that can be shared with friends on social networks;
  • drawing up an individual chart of cosmetic procedures, setting reminders and a selection of popular recipes;
  • built-in chat with like-minded people.

How to lose weight in 21 days – fitness at home

5 best calorie counting apps on Android

How to Lose Weight in 21 Days is not just a set of exercises, but a comprehensive approach to weight loss. It includes counting calories and doing daily workouts. It has been proven that it takes a person 21 days to consolidate a habit, and this program is built on this principle.

Features of the app 'How to lose weight in 21 days – fitness at home':

  • the ability to keep a food diary and record the calories eaten;
  • list of popular diets;
  • more than 50 different exercises designed for all parts of the body and available for doing at home;
  • ready-made training plan for 21 days for men and women;
  • personal recommendations and advice from a trainer;
  • animated descriptions of each exercise to avoid incorrect execution technique.

Lose weight in 30 days

5 best calorie counting apps on Android

'Lose Weight in 30 Days' will help you lose weight within one month. All thanks to careful nutritional control and systematic exercise.

Benefits of 'Lose Weight in 30 Days':

  • choosing between self-control over meals and following ready-made meal plans;
  • sync with Google Fit;
  • detailed video tutorials for each exercise;
  • displaying the results achieved in the form of a graph, including after one workout;
  • increasing intensity of classes;
  • guaranteed achievement of the result in just one month.

Fitness plan 30 days – workouts for weight loss

5 best calorie counting apps on Android

A '30 Day Fitness Plan' is primarily a list of exercises for creating a personalized workout plan. However, the app developers have not forgotten the importance of calorie counting. The main advantage is having a personal fitness trainer who will help you plan your workouts and establish nutrition.

Features of 'Fitness Plan 30 Days – Workout for Weight Loss':

  • an extensive database of products for calculating calories and calculating BZHU;
  • the ability to plan classes and diet for a month in advance;
  • convenient reminder system;
  • the ability to choose a level: from beginner to pro;
  • a selection of articles on proper nutrition;
  • similar video instructions for performing sets of exercises.

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