5 apps for iPhone to help you lose weight


Mobile application developers offer users a variety of methods for working on losing extra pounds and a proper nutrition system. Each person chooses for himself whether he will lose weight through intense exercise or choose a new diet and a gentle diet.

5 apps for iPhone to help you lose weight


The app helps you monitor your food intake and exercise levels. The program allows you to choose the right food, give up negative habits, tells you how to lose weight, and daily monitors the intake of nutrients into the body.

5 apps for iPhone to help you lose weight

In the initial data, you must indicate your real and desired weight, gender, height and age. Based on this, the program will calculate the required amount of calories. The system offers a list of products from which you can compose your daily diet.

The app also has a number of useful features. This is synchronization with Apple Watch, indicating the degree of constant physical activity. Moreover, all your movements – steps, jogging, exercises – will be recorded and included in the total number of loads.

Additionally, you can enable product ratings. The app tells the user how good and healthy his lunch is. Along with this, it gives recommendations for adjusting nutrition. For example, reducing the amount of fat or increasing the proportion of protein in food


5 apps for iPhone to help you lose weight

Whether you are a fan of running, cycling, or just an active lifestyle, Strava is the place to go. The free application records the parameters of your workouts, monitors your progress, and also allows you to communicate with other people. In the application, you can share media files, stories and other information.

The peculiarity of the application is that it tracks all the user's physical activity using GPS. Throughout the day, Strava displays key indicators on the screen: distance traveled, movement speed, calories burned, etc. And every month the program offers new tasks to develop yourself and move forward.

One of the unique features is the ability to monitor your friends' progress on social networks and compare with your progress. Thus, it is possible to organize joint training and turn it into a competition.


5 apps for iPhone to help you lose weight

This is a home fitness workout app. Each 7-minute workout consists of a set of exercises aimed at improving your figure and raising your overall tone.

Trainings are aimed at helping people with problem areas. But at the same time, all muscle groups are developed. The application has a simple ergonomic interface – in addition to the text, in which there is nothing incomprehensible, there is a convenient audio accompaniment.

The voice component is implemented in Seven to help the blind and visually impaired. Thus, the application has no restrictions on the categories of users.

After downloading Seven, the user will be offered several types of activities. The type of workout you choose will depend on the location, exercise intensity and problem areas of the body.

The advantages of the application also include convenient navigation, good adaptability to any device, and unconditional support for the Russian language.

Nike Training Club

5 apps for iPhone to help you lose weight

Developed by NTC is a balanced sports program to develop your fitness. It is designed for both untrained beginners and 'pumped up' athletes.

Beginners can choose a 4-week course of moderate exercise. People with sufficient physical training are offered an intensive training program for one and a half months.

The place to study doesn't matter. Nearly 200 workouts are available in the NTC workout library, designed by Nike sports experts. These are exercises to develop strength, flexibility, endurance and speed. There is also a yoga course.

The Nike Training Club has a program that is tailored to suit any user and their schedule.

My water

5 apps for iPhone to help you lose weight

The My Water app is a virtual calculator of the liquids you drink. The program calculates an individual rate of water consumption based on the parameters of the body.

The system tells you how much and when to drink liquids – every 2 hours the user receives a notification about the need to drink a glass of water. Statistics are also kept – a graph of daily fluid intake.

In order to properly configure the application, at the first start you need to specify your weight, gender and level of physical activity. Based on this data, the program will calculate the exact individual rate of fluid intake per day.

The My Water application is distinguished by a laconic and extremely user-friendly interface, in which there is nothing superfluous. On the main screen, all information is displayed large, without incomprehensible words, labels and buttons.

It is characteristic that the background of the main menu of the application is water. During the day, its level on the screen rises with each sip the user takes.

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