5 advantages of simple push-button phones without internet over smartphones


Moving from push-button telephones to smartphones, people gain comfort: many functions in one gadget, various applications to brighten up their leisure time. The advantages of smartphones are obvious, but, nevertheless, there are things that we lost along with the old push-button apparatus.

5 advantages of simple push-button phones without internet over smartphones


The lack of mobile internet is considered one of the disadvantages of push-button phones. But if you look from the point of view of data security, this is rather an advantage:

  • it is impossible to intercept SMS messages without the Internet. And if the interception of harmless personal correspondence will not give anything to the fraudster, then the password from the banking mobile program is a completely different matter;
  • without the Internet, there are no messengers on the phone, no mail, which means there is no information that can be lost along with the device. Loss or theft of a smartphone can deprive the owner of important data and access to a bank card, mail, social networks;
  • a push-button telephone does not store a lot of information, while any smartphone has a place for both photos and important documents. If your phone is lost or stolen, it is almost impossible to restore them.

In fact, push-button phones are used only as telephones, while smartphones are a versatile tool and information store. Carrying such a source of personal data with you is not always safe.

Long battery life

There are many jokes on the Internet about the fact that a fully charged push-button phone shows a 99% charge level in the evening.

Push-button phones are used only for calls and SMS messages, and the functions of modern smartphones are much broader: in addition to 'telephone' duties, they are used for reading, watching news, social networks, films, for games, as a navigator. Unsurprisingly, the device's battery drains very quickly.

People who always need to be in touch buy a regular push-button telephone, which is used for work calls, in a set with a smartphone. With this operation, you have to charge the button only once a week.

Good communication level

There is an opinion that the legendary Nokia 3310 phone catches the network even in the government underground bunker, while smartphones often sin with signal loss.

The opinion is not without foundation. Communication problems with modern gadgets are a consequence of versatility. In the era of the heyday of push-button devices, they were clearly set up to search for a GSM network, without even knowing about the existence of other networks. Having 'caught' 2G, such a device will confidently keep in touch.

Smartphones, on the other hand, are constantly trying to improve the quality of communication, 'jumping' to signals from different towers, choosing 3G or 4G. Due to such fluctuations, unstable communication and signal loss are obtained. It is quite possible that if you limit the capabilities of the smartphone to 2G, the connection quality will be no worse than that of the legendary push-buttons.

Doesn't distract with social networks and the Internet

According to a study by the Global Web Index, Russians spend on average 2 hours 28 minutes a day on social networks. How much time is spent on other Internet resources is unknown to science.

A message or like on a social network can distract from a really important task, and instead of mechanically flipping through the news feed, you can think about plans for the day. Wasted time on useless resources is truly a pity. This was not the case with the Nokia 3310.

Compact dimensions

Push-button telephones, with the development of models, decreased in size. They could be carried in a trouser pocket without any discomfort when trying to sit or bend over. They fit perfectly in small bags.

Modern gadgets are sometimes even difficult to call phones: rather, mini-tablets. The dimensions of 7.5×16 centimeters are no longer surprising. This is done to enlarge the screen, make it easier to read and watch movies. But the question “where to wear a smartphone” has to be thought over, especially in the summer, when light clothes without pockets do not contribute to the comfortable transportation of the gadget.

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