4 ways to view stories in Instagram anonymously

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Official positionInstagram does not allow viewing stories anonymously, but the prohibitions exist to break them. If you want to find out information from someone else's page without revealing your identity, then you can use one of the listed methods.

4 ways to view stories in Instagram anonymously

Using sites

4 ways to view stories in Instagram anonymously

This is one of the easiest and safest ways to view history anonymously. You don't need to install or download anything to implement it. An important advantage is that you do not need to enter your password and login from the profile anywhere, it may not exist at all. All user actions consist in copying the link to the account of interest and placing it in a special column of any of the listed sites:

  • storiesig.com
  • storyinsta.com
  • insta-stories.ru
  • gramotool.ru

The principle of their work is the same – they open any public stories anonymously. Unfortunately, the stories for 'Best Friends' and those posted on private profiles cannot be viewed on these sites. This information is available only to people who are subscribers or friends of the author.

Using apps

4 ways to view stories in Instagram anonymously

All the applications listed below for mobile devices work using the same technology: you need to connect your Instagram account to them, find the profile you are interested in and view the stories anonymously. Thus, you can see the history of even closed profiles, provided you subscribe to them.

Among the disadvantages is the risk of placing personal data (login and password) on third-party resources and a possible change in the anonymity mode of the application unilaterally.

Popular programs include:

  • ReShare Story is a completely free application for android devices and shareware for iOS (for $ 10, only Actual is available without payment);
  • Story Save is completely free application;
  • Profile Plus +. This program does not require account authorization, but to view the saved stories, you will have to subscribe for $ 10 per month.

In Chrome browser


If you use the Google Chrome browser to surf the Internet, then by adding the free Hiddengram extension to it, you can view the Instagram story anonymously.

To install the add-on you will need:

  1. Go to your browser settings and find the 'Extensions' section.
  2. By clicking on the three bars in the upper left corner, go to the next menu and select 'Chrome Web Store'.
  3. Search for the Hiddengram extension and install it on your computer.
  4. In the pop-up window to allow the extension to work, a red eye, crossed out by a line, will appear in the upper right corner in confirmation of this fact.

To view stories in anonymous mode, you will need to log into Instagram using your password and make sure that the extension icon is active.

Telegram bot

4 ways to view stories in Instagram anonymously

@IGSpyBot works only in the Telegram messenger. With it, you can view the current publications of your account with open access for free, the saved stories are available only after subscribing. Its cost is 219 rubles for one month of use.

To get started, you need to send a message to the bot with a link to the profile of interest and select the 'Stories' item in the response menu. The advantage of this method is that no data about the interested person is required.

The bot for Telegram, InstaSave, operates on a similar principle. To get started, you need to send him @acquant name and select the story of interest from the list sent. To use the bot for free, its developer asks you to subscribe to the channel and like several posts.

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