4 tips to speed up charging your smartphone or tablet

The modern rhythm of life forces us to constantly rush. Therefore, sometimes there is no time to wait until the battery of the gadget is charged. To speed up this process, use the tips below.

4 tips to speed up charging your smartphone or tablet

Charge the switched off device

If the phone or tablet is turned on, it will consume battery power even while charging, thereby slowing down the process. The easiest way in such a situation is to turn off the gadget. But if for some reason this cannot be done, put the device into 'airplane mode'.

Doing so will significantly reduce battery usage because power-hungry features such as mobile network connectivity, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will not be available.

Charge via wall socket

If you want to quickly charge your phone, then connect it to a regular outlet using the original charger, and not to a USB port on your computer. The fact is that the USB connector gives out power of no more than 500 mA, while the power of most modern chargers averages 1500-2000 mA, which allows you to replenish the battery with energy 3-4 times faster.

At the same time, try not to use Chinese chargers, since they either have insufficient power, or, conversely, there is too much of it. Using such devices, you run the risk of being left without a phone or tablet at one point, because its battery will simply burn out.

Charge at room temperature

Try not to leave your tablet and smartphone on the windowsill while charging. The fact is that when heated from a radiator or direct sunlight, replenishing the battery with energy takes much longer. The same goes for low temperatures.

If there is a strong draft on the windowsill, the battery of the gadget will begin to discharge twice as fast. It is best to put the smartphone on charge and leave it in a place with a neutral temperature.

Remove the cover

The case fits snugly against the back of the smartphone, which leads to intense heating. And we have already found out that high temperatures slow down the charging process. Therefore, be sure to remove the cover from the phone, especially if the product consists of dense material.

The simple tips above will help you easily speed up the process of recharging the battery with energy several times. The best part is that you don't need to use any additional accessories for this. It is enough to be a little more attentive and smart.

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