4 reasons to turn off site notifications

Some sites ask the user to approve push notifications on the desktop when loading a page. Many people do not hesitate to click 'Allow' to get rid of the annoying message as soon as possible. We will tell you how and why you should abandon this function.


Browser slows down

Push notifications are a process that uses the computer's RAM and affects the system performance when working with Internet browsers. When a user indiscriminately approves a mailing from many sites, the number of processes increases over time and slows down the work, causing a freeze.

Unwanted ads

Some unscrupulous webmasters, without the user's consent, facilitate the receipt of third-party advertising notices. For example, you allowed an information resource to send notifications about the release of new articles on automotive topics, and in parallel, a newsletter from an unknown site about stretch ceilings pops up. If the advertised product is not on your list of interests, it can be very distracting when working with your computer.

The ability to 'pick up' a virus

By subscribing to the mailing list from an extremely dubious resource, you expose your computer to the threat of a virus infection. Unknowingly or out of idle interest, following a pop-up link, you can accidentally download malware or pick up a 'worm' simply by visiting the main page of the distribution site.

Notifications are distracting

Subscribing to a large number of notifications from different sites can turn into a real torture. Internet resources are interested in the user visiting the pop-up links as often as possible, so they can send 10-20 push messages per day. And if there are more than 20-30 such sites accumulated, this will become a huge distraction, from time to time making working at the computer unbearable.

Turn off notifications

Regardless of which browser you use, the procedure remains the same: go to 'Settings' and find the item 'Notifications', usually found under 'Security' or 'Privacy settings'. Disabling this option will permanently save you from annoying pop-up ads.

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